Video: Deus Moulin Rouge in action

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When this W650-based hardtail first appeared on Hell For Leather, then called the Deus Red Grinder, you guys talked a lot of smack about how the conversion was compromised mechanically and essentially non-functional. Perturbed by that, Deus Ex Machina created this video, demonstrating that the bike actually does ride quite nicely, thank you very much. So here you go HFL commenters, this video was created just for you.

The Red Grinder cum Deus Moulin Rouge is, like a lot of other Deus bikes, based on a Kawasaki W650, just here fitted with the same 730cc big-bore kit as that Deus street tracker we rode in the ocean. Unlike that bike, the  rear subframe and swingarm are replaced with a bolt-on hardtail conversion, the telescopic forks are out and a girder springer front end is in. It’s incredible simple, but also very neatly detailed.


  • R.Sallee

    Looks nice, and I guess it’s capable of going forward.

    • Grive


      I’m not gonna say this bike is useless or anything like that, but the video really didn’t do anything to dispel the earlier criticisms.

  • Andreas

    How does this qualify for nice riding? No lean and no wheelies, is this the same kind of nice riding as a Harley?

    Maybe the bike looks nice, but its to long for my taste.

    • Ducky

      let’s be honest… who was expecting to be dragging a knee on a bike like this?

  • Mark D

    Well, it sounds great, that’s for sure! Deus is an Australian company, right? Wherever they are riding, it looks beautiful.

    To me, though, you could have just as much, if not more, of a style quotient with a real soft tail, telescopic forks, good brakes, etc. Its much more of a challenge to have style AND function, therefore more impressive. I think their street trackers, with knobbies and real suspension, are way more attractive/stylish/”artistic”, and will probably entice the buyer to ride it way more often. Obviously none of these are track bikes, or daily drivers, but the novelty of a hardtail seems like it would wear out real fast.

  • Alex

    Not for me

  • Joshua

    Oh man, each to their own.

    If the bike wasn’t built for you, you didn’t pay for it, nor do you ride it, what do you care if it doesn’t corner or wheelie or do totally sick 2 wheel drifts or whatever?

  • Peter

    This bike looks great. Looks like a blasty blast to ride.

  • rohorn

    It is a lovely bike – from the engine forward. Behind that, it looks like someone welded the back half of one of those disposable “Kikker” choppers without being lined up first. Two downtubes between the engine and rear wheel just looks wrong -especially when one of them still has a swingarm pivot in it. The engine sprocket cover angles look weird compared to the chain angles.

    Someone there has a great eye for proportions – ’til now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bellyache about their work. Except for the excellent looking forks, it looks too Mom’s Carport, as seen/flagged on Craigslist.

  • Matt the sperglord

    Of course it rides great. Just look at how cool he looks in his metal flake bell replica.

  • Ray

    A close friend had this very set up on his Trumpet in Austin in the late 90s, long in back and low, and it was an absolute blast to ride. With the old trumpet though, when he blew a head gasket, he had me wait around half an hour ’til he could gasgacinch a new one in and torque it back together before heading out to Lovejoy’s. It was bass-boat red, with the extra large metal flakes in the paint.