Video: Texas Tornado Boot Camp

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Flat track racing, fat guys on mini bikes, skeet shooting, go kart drifting, sniper rifles, side-by-side jumps, mini-motocross, ghillie suits, a Wild West ghost town and, of course, Colin Edwards. Is there anything the Texas Tornado Boot Camp doesn’t have?

Texas Tornado Boot Camp via TwoWheelsBlog

  • andy727

    Where do I sign up!? That looks like alot of fun.

  • ike6116

    This is like a white trash wet dream. Which means this looks thoroughly awesome to me.

  • nymoto


  • Mike Brooklyn

    I think this is more my cup of tea. Thai beaches+motorcycle racing?
    Yes, please

    • mugget

      Sounds good, but that’s just like a regular track day tuition. Go there for the cocktails and partying if you like.

      I’ll take Colin’s word that learning on small capacity bikes on the dirt is the way to go. Works for him…

      • JaHo

        I can vouch for that. Our local flat trackers run a school a couple of times a season on XR100s and the like. Easy cheap way to learn a ton.

  • bjorn