Video: the longest snowmobile jump ever

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During practice for his “Red Bull New Year. No Limits.” record attempt, Levi LaValle jumped his snowmobile 361 feet, eclipsing the previous world record by 60 feet. That’s a good thing, shortly after this video was taken of the longest snowmobile jump ever, Levi injured himself and the Long Beach event has now been canceled.

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Red Bull

  • je

    Looks cool floating through the air but I think I have a “OMG” tolerance to these red bull jumps. What’s next? Travis being pulled on a razor scooter by Ken through a gymkana course to be lunched over the grand canyon?

  • dux

    Spooky – that thing floats in the air like a bird

  • Kerry

    That was magical . . . but where’s the snow?

    • Mike Brooklyn

      I was thinking the same thing, we all know snowmobiles can move on water, but will the skis not get destroyed on solid ground? Maybe that particular material was soft enough.

  • brutus

    maybe astroturf which would be soft enough but also much more predictable than snow. the only problem with running a snowmobile without snow is that it will overheat over time.

  • David

    The skis have little roller blade wheels on them, I think.