Which manufacturers are racing in Dakar 2011?

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This pie chart, created by Dakar racer Marie Hessel, shows how many bikes from each manufacturer are competing in the 2011 rally, which starts in Buenos Aires on January 1st. As you can see, the shift to the 450cc capacity (which won’t be universal until 2012) and the bike industry’s financiapocalypse is beginning to level the playing field. KTM is down from 126 competitors in 2009 to just 62 in 2011 while Yamaha is up 14 bikes from 2010. Honda is up 12 bikes, Aprilia is up five and BMW is up three. Notably absent is Suzuki, which doesn’t appear to have any riders competing on its machines this year. KTM has dominated the rally for the last decade, winning every race held since 2000.

via The Dakar Rally Blog

  • http://www.tripleclamp.net Sasha Pave
  • BN.

    Bultacos and Shercos for style points.

  • Braam

    WTF is a Jincheng?

    • Ducky

      It’s a fairly large Chinese bike company. I’m surprised to see them competing- trying to pull a Soichiro Honda or something?

  • noone1569

    No one campaigns a ULY?

  • Beale

    That Bultaco is a two stroke! I can’t fathom the idea of trying to finish the Dakar on a smoker.

  • GT

    Sad to see US Highland is not there. Go Beta!