2011 Alpinestars SMX Plus boots ribbed for your comfort

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These new Alpinestars SMX Plus boots appear to be very similar to the old SM-X Pluses (note the dash), just with ribbed flex sections on the front in place of the old circular-pattern fabric flex section. Yeah, revised looks aren’t that exciting, but Astars’ second tier road racing boots still feature internal ankle protectors that prevent hyper-extension and hyper-flexion as well as cushioning impacts and that sorta-a-bootie-but-not still has kevlar laces to ensure a tight fit. On the outside, the looks are also jazzed up with some new metal hardware, but the same sliders, shin protector and ratchet/zip closure are still present. Just like the old ones, these are $350.

  • ike6116

    I think they are continuing to strive for normal… put a pair of jeans over these and they could pass for Nike basketball shoes.

  • Kentaro

    I was hoping the title would read “Ribbed… for your pleasure.”

    • Kyle

      I’m p sure that’s what Wes was going for

  • seanslides

    That shin protector is different. Also, if you dissect the kevlar laces when they break, they bear a striking resemblance to cotton… Luckily they’re easy to replace with regular old boot laces (which I think offer a better control of fit anyway).

    Kudos to alpinestars for updating these boots. I would have been sad to see them disappear from their lineup.