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A shipment of Cleveland CycleWerks first model, the 250cc Heist bobber, awaits shipping to the US. Scott Colosimo tells us these are intended to boost dealer inventories here as model development of new models like the CCW Misfit cafe racer and Hooligun supermoto ramps up.

“We are building up parts and motorcycle inventory in the USA,” Scott told us in an email last night. “PIT (CCW’s Exclusive Distributor in the USA) ordered a few hundred bikes, they will be warehouses on the west coast and the east coast.  I just got back from almost 3 weeks in China overseeing quality control with my team.  We just hired 1 new quality control specialist who is American and got him setup at the factories.”

“Yes, those are all Heist models.  We are building a movement slowly for small displacement bikes.  We have found once people see, and then ride the bike, they really understand the 250′s “FUN” potential.”

“We now have 10 models in development, (I raised a little more capital for new product development), CCW is going to be a serious player in the motorcycle market in the next few years.  We finalized several of our new scooter models (I am launching a new Scooter brand next year Cultura Scooter Company), and drank plenty of Chinese Wine.”


  • Philip

    I saw one of these at the show in Long Beach, CA. Absolute junk!!

    • robotribe

      I was there too. Maybe I was wearing a different pair of opinion goggles, but I thought the bobber model they had on display looked worthy of the price point. I wouldn’t say it was on-par with the big-four Jap bikes as far as finish goes, but I wouldn’t call them junk either.

  • Glenngineer

    Look like shit from here.

    • Mr.Paynter

      In the blurry photo where they’re all wrapped up?

  • Nate Berkopec

    I love these guys. Rock on CCW.

  • stephan

    has anyone actually ridden one? i’d love to know if the are fun to ride or corner like a, well, cruiser. no idea about build quality but the pics on the CCW website make them look pretty cool

    • miles_prower

      The current issue of Cycle World covers the Heist. I think it’s a “First Ride” article.

  • ike6116

    You can’t keep a good man down. Atta boy scottydigital

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    If there scoots are as cool as their bikes, I’m very interested. Iz can has Supercub clone?

  • http://www.ClevelandCycleWerks.com scottydigital

    Hey guys, this is Scott from CCW.

    Wes asked me to reply to some of the comments. The fact is that our frames are 1020 DOM, The chassis is engineered in Pro-E and CATIA, then FEA tested, drop tested, ridden for over 100,000 miles, test bikes are built and beat. Full FMEA analysis is used to determine the full vehicle system’s durability. I have never heard anyone who has seen or ridden our bikes refer to them as “absolute junk”, because that is just not true, when I ask people to point out the flaws it usually come back as some racist rant about Chinese, not the actual details about the bikes. We do not produce junk, we design, engineer and manufacture beautiful quality bikes that are extremely affordable.

    We have dealers setup across the USA, and are signing up more and more every day. Our bikes are backed with a 12 month warranty (this is better then many of our competitors). We stand behind our products. Of course you can not buy a $3000 bike expecting a $20,000 custom, but you can expect a quality built bike that is fun to ride and will not break the bank.

    We will let our products speak for themselves. I invite anyone to go on my website, find a local dealer and schedule a test ride. If anyone is in Cleveland this summer, we will be holding several events where people can check out the bikes.


    I will continue to make affordable bikes for people who want to ride and feel good about an affordable alternative. Some people don’t get it, and I get that. Remember this, when Honda showed up in California in the 60′s, people did not get them at the time either….. Cheers fellerz

    • Ceolwulf

      Keep up the good work. Any prospects for Canadian distribution yet?

      • Will Y

        I’d buy one of these at the drop of a hat if they showed up at any dealer in BC.

    • miles_prower

      I bet that most of the computers and smartphones that HFL readers are using to access the fine content here are from China.

    • Mattro

      very, very, excited to see my town with a dealer. hopefully, they’ll have a rideable model of the misfit on schedule with what i think i remember seeing as a may release.

      best of luck.

    • Philip

      Scotty, with all due respect for your efforts, I stand by my comment. I found the controls very cheap, the speedometer looked like something off of a kids toy bike, and the overall finnish very sub-par compared to similar Japanese bikes costing just a bit more. I was excited about your bike and the concept, but after seeing it in person, I was very disappointed.

      I had a Honda Rebel that I bobbed, and I missed it when it sold. I saw the photos of your bike and thought for the price, I’d pick one up, but after spending a good 15 minutes sitting on it, and studying it, NO WAY. The two friends that were with me felt exactly the same way.

      My opinion has nothing to do with the fact that they are made in China, however it is a known fact that Chinese metallurgy is sub par, and I am not aware of any quality combustion motors of any kind being produced there.

      I find it difficult to believe that you “have never heard anyone who has seen or ridden our bikes refer to them as “absolute junk”. Most of the people at your booth while I was there commented similarly. Sorry for slamming your product, but….I wish you the best of luck.

    • DoctorNine

      I look forward to seeing these on the road. Well done in bringing a new choice to the American market. Every new bike bought by a penny-pinching teen, is a new cyclist; many times, for life. You have exactly the right idea here.

  • Beale

    Go get’em, Scott! Can’t wait to see them out here in Orange County/So Cal.

  • AHA

    Motorcycling needs two things right now: new, preferably young, riders and plenty of model choice, especially at the lower price levels. Looks like CCW is doing something about both. Go Scott!

  • matt

    the hooligun on their website looks pretty sweet, i suppose it’s a little weird to see a bobber that’s got all it’s turn signals and everything in the right places to be street legal.

  • Kevin

    I really wish the best for CCW. I’m definitely going to test ride the misfit when it comes out. It’s the perfect bike for most of my needs, small, lightweight, affordable, good MPG. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

  • Andreas

    The caferacer looks promising…

    But I’m not digging the forward controls, they make a bike pretty useless in my eyes. Maybe its a trend thing, (ref hardtailed Triumphs) but a rigid rear is “kinda” outdated. Even HD knows this, they just dont wanna show it.

    Wish you good luck, maybe USA could start making motorcycles again.

  • zipp4

    A lot of people think everything made in China is of bad quality, when usually the culprit is shoddy American engineering and a lack of sufficient quality control measures. (Apple products are made in China)

    You did your homework though, Scott, don’t let these people get to you. Best of luck to you!

    • Mike

      This. The quality of a part made in China is 100% dictated by the person requesting the manufacturer. China can make crap mylar balloons, unibody Apple laptops, and everything in between. As far as the ‘China has crappy metallurgy’, that’s a false statement I’d like to see you back up. Certain manufacturers may have crappy metallurgy, but you cannot lump the whole country in that statement.

  • Frosty_spl

    My buddy at work is a young rider about to take the MSF. I showed him your bikes and now he really wants the Misfit.

  • Samuel

    Opposition to Chinese manufactured products is not about racism but about supporting fair trade, human rights, and even democracy. As consumers we vote with our dollars and as a nation we have been overwhelmingly voting for the way China does things.

    Scott, I have no doubt that the partnership you’ve formed is based on respect for all of your employees. Manufacturing in China is a great way to cut costs but that discount is built on the manipulated currency and mistreated people of the rest of that country.

    Comparing this to Honda is not a fair comparison. Japanese industry operates in a country that participates in a free and open democracy, supports human rights within its own country, and (for the most part) plays fair on the global trading floor.

    Furthermore, Honda didn’t import its bikes by calling them “Houston Motorbikes”, or some other Americanized name in an attempt to hoodwink buyers. They sold them as “Honda” and were proud to stand behind a name that represents where they came from.

    • zipp4

      I’m not sure we want to start a human rights debate here but I think you’ve been watching a little too much Fox news. The average mainland Chinese family survives on less than $3k a year. Nobody forces these people to seek jobs in factories. They make conscious decisions to relocate and do so happily to improve their lives and that of their families.

      As far as “hoodwinking” his customers, I don’t think Scott has ever tried to hide the source of his products.

    • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

      As far a Chinese workers being exploited goes, it seems that’s a necessary growing pain any country goes through while transitioning to an industrial/service economy. The US in the 1890s and turn of the century was hardly more democratic than China (see also: robber barons), had 7 yr olds working in textile looms and coal mines, and produced low quality, low cost good for advanced Europe.

      My father works with several Chinese factories, and he says the big movement over there now is outsourcing a lot of the more low-tech manufacturing to Vietnam or Cambodia, because its simply too expensive to pay Chinese workers to do it.

      Not too totally discredit your point; obviously the PRC is a brutal, oppressive dictatorship. I just believe that globalization and modernization will show the Chinese people the best way to move forward; ignoring them will only make the problems worse.

      • http://www.ClevelandCycleWerks.com scottydigital

        We are bringing more and more manufacturing to Cleveland. With many aftermarket parts now made across Ohio. In addition to that, we are working on setting up an assembly factory within Cleveland Ohio, (inside the city)! My Cleveland pride is strong.

        I am a realist, and am open to having discussions about human rights. From what I have seen and experienced. Chinese people and government officials I know, are no different then US citizens. They want a healthy life for their kids, they want their kids to have a better life then them, they are concerned about heating bills, and food prices.

        We are honest people, trying to make some cool, affordable products. I have never lied to anyone on how things came about. If anything our story is one of a modern US small business trying to find it’s way in a global economy. That is about it.

        • Samuel

          Scott, you make a stong argument. I just get really heated about brands like “Detroit Electric” which hopes to develop electric cars using an iconic American name. They (contrary to your group) have nothing to do with their namesake.

          If manufacturing in China means that you guys can add jobs in downtown Cleveland then I guess we can’t call that a bad thing at all. Power to you. Good luck.

          • Scott

            Bonneville, Jack Pine, Sierra, Pacific Coast, California, etc. are examples this marketing tradition.

    • overunder

      Honda have automotive manufacturing plants in China. So are they still “operating in a country that participates in a free and open democracy”?

      I know I’m nit-picking your point here, but it really bothers me that when here’s CCW, a company that doesn’t hide their manufacturing origins behind marketing glamor, and is actually respecting it’s customers in being up front about what they are getting.

      Honda imports their “Japanese” bikes that are made in India and China. Apple imports their “Designed in Cupertino” iPhones that are made in China. Playing fair on the global trading floor is all relative.

      I’m a Chinese immigrant in the US, and as much as I want China to have a free and open democracy, supports human rights, I also understand it’s going to take time. I’m proud of the progress China have made, and at the end of the day, the market and global demands will move China in line with international human rights efforts. At which point we can all consume our gilt-free, righteous products.

      • DoctorNine

        Well said.

    • AJ

      Samuel, check out Chinese labor and immigration in the American west 1860-1890 ish. Talk about our Democratic ideals hard at work

  • ike6116

    I absolutely love the Misfit, it’s a brand new bike I can afford. I just don’t think I can go from my 92 Yamaha 600 to a 250 that’s listed top speed is 75 MPH, especially where I’m a bigger guy. I have CCW in my RSS feed and I really cannot wait to see what they have in store. I love the Cruiser, Cafe, Motard line up and I think Scott has his finger on the pulse with those 3 being his initial product offering. Maybe in a few years we’ll all be lusting after 800cc CCW Adventure Tourer Hooliguns. A boy can dream anyways.

  • Cheese302

    Good luck CCW. I am hoping to get a chance to ride one soon. I won’t knock it till i rock it. With these bikes, honda’s new cbr. I think there might actually be real small bike market again.

  • adrenalnjunky

    Love the lineup – but there’s that “stigma” around 250′s, that I hope their dealers can get past. “Oh, that’s a beginner’s bike…”

    I’d rock the misfit, or the hooligun every day back and forth to work.

    On the 250cc point – at what displacement would the general public and motorcycle dealers start to get out of the “beginner bike” mindset? 400? 450? 500?

    • Ceolwulf

      1000cc … :(

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/1962_cb77_restore/ Scott Pargett

    I don’t think I’d personally pick one up, but I’m a bit outside of the target demo, though all my peers are the dead in the crosshairs. That being said, I absolutely love what these represent. I’d wish CCW luck, but with a strategy this sharp, I don’t think you’ll need much of it. Here’s to steady growth for a small displacement guy with big balls.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/1962_cb77_restore/ Scott Pargett

      I’m looking forward to seeing how the muscle bike concepts come out. An affordable, brand new 400cc with great styling could really make some waves.

      • Devin

        Agreed man. A 400 to 500 cc Misfit or Hooligan would have me looking with my wallet. Especially since I want a bigger bike to two-up down the highway with a passenger better, these are cheap enough to be easily buyable as a 2nd bike just for me.

        Bad news: Their website suggests these larger engines are a ways off.

        Good news: By the time they come to market we should know if they are reliable or not.

  • william

    in the 1970s there were so many small cc bikes to choose from it made me giddy looking at the choices. today there are so few street legal small cc bikes sold in the u.s. that it makes me sick…..usa… big gas guzzler ford expedition for grocery shopping mentality.

  • Todd

    Checked out the website and read the various details about the bikes. Pretty cool. I’m probably not in the market for something like that, but I like what I saw just the same. Would love to see them have some success so they can grow and develop their offerings further.

  • Austin Milbarge

    I’ve ridden one for about 100 miles in la, half on freeway and half on roads, fun bike, I highly suggest riding one! go To LAHD.com, they have one you can ride!

  • Mr.Paynter

    The previous photos of these have had me lusting after a bobber-chop for my standard SR250!

    The ethos behind this company is awesome, I just know I won’t see these in South Africa for a long whiles yet!

    • http://www.ClevelandCycleWerks.com scottydigital

      CCW has a very good distributor in South Africa: We have many dealers in South Africa.


  • kb96gt

    New rider here!

    I’ve had a Heist since last August. I took the MSF early last year and waited and waited for these bikes to be available.

    For me the decision to go for the CCW came down to three things:
    - Affordability
    - Style
    - Supporting the little guy

    Yeah, it’s a little cheap in certain areas… it is a $3K bike. to be honest the hand controls, taillight, speedo, and seat shocks are all disposable items. That’s not to say they wouldn’t hold up over time, but to me the feel is plasticky and cheap. The frame, tins and wheels are all really nicely done. It rides great and shifts pretty smooth. I have had it on the highway and it’s alright, a little buzzy. I don’t think I’ve pushed it to it’s limit.

    I changed my bars and taillight, then airbrushed the tank within the first month. I’m working on updating some other stuff over this Winter. You can see my bike on CCWs customer gallery.

    All in all as a new rider, first time buyer this bike has been loads of fun, both riding and wrenching.

    The customer service has always been top-fucking-notch. Right on CCW.

  • Mattro

    judging from the comments, ccs has a shipment full of the wrong model about to go out. get the misfit on the STREETS!

    • Mattro

      or ccw, rather. ccs is where i bought my skate decks circa 1995.

      • http://www.ClevelandCycleWerks.com scottydigital

        The Misfit will be here in 2 months. We are ready for production, but are awaiting our EPA compliance certificate. All in due time, we have to be 100% legal before we can put the bikes on the streets.

  • chris

    Hey guy’s I have put many miles on this bike and its a blast. If your in the Los Angeles area go to LA Harley and test ride it. I promise you in ten minutes you will be building a tricked out one in your head

  • ken

    When are you entering Canada, love to see something in the Toronto area. When is the Motard scheduled for arrival