Adventure touring with Tiffany Coates

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If, like us, you wile away rainy days reading ride reports on ADVRider, then you’re probably familiar with Tiffany Coates. She’s the world’s most-travelled solo woman rider, having hit, “Asia, Australia, Africa, the Americas and even Timbuctoo.” Her most recent trip aboard her now-famous black-and-yellow R80GS? Labrador! BMW just made this short film about her.

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As HFL reader Sasha Pave (who tipped us on this) says, this is a “BMW viral video done right.”

“a) A compelling story.
b) Doesn’t beat you over the head with product.
c) Actually used a tripod and doesn’t transition to new clips every .03 seconds.”

The rest of the BMW unscripted videos are equally good, especially the one with the E30 and the meerkats.

  • ike6116

    I also think it’s cool that they let her be on HER bike, her older R80S rather than saying “Lets make sure we get you on the latest model we’re trying to sell right now.”

    Brand > Product

    • Grive

      Indeed. Not to mention, at least for me it’s a more powerful message about brand quality and more likely to get me onto a showroom.

      Anyone can make a trip with a brand new bike and factory support. But that won’t be me. And I’m not the kind to change bikes every year.

      It’s not her on a bike, but her on her bike. And that’s a world of difference.

  • Kevin

    To the ends of the world on a 50 bhp bike.


    It’s not all about power, people. I’m thinking especially of those of you who think that what, say, the CBR250R really needs is a lighter crankshaft and such, because Christ, if you can’t stretch 25 bhp to 29 then why even build the bike.