Alpinestars Verona Air jacket and Logic Kevlar jeans: almost normal

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Alpinestars seems pretty serious about tackling the demand for honestly protective motorcycle gear that doesn’t look like something the Rainbow Ranger would would rock. This new Verona Air mesh jacket ($160) is as plain as plain can be, just with CE armor in the shoulders and elbows and pockets for real chest and back protectors. The almost not-boot cut Logic jeans ($100), with Kevlar linings in the knees and butt, aren’t even acid washed or pre-distressed. The problem? Look closely at the right butt cheek. See it? Yes that is a giant star on the ass of what’re supposed to be mens jeans. Guess we’ll be sticking with our Iron Hearts.


  • casey

    jake a look at iron hearts UK store. You listed the .jp shop in the other article you did about them. They have a lot more styles and an easier way to find a local shop near you. I know I’ve been shopping for a pair.

    • Wes Siler

      I’d hold off on any potential iron heart purchases for a few days. Just sayin’.

      • casey

        noted. Ill keep my eyes open.

  • ike6116

    I do like the jacket but I just bought one. Am planning on those Astar Harlem Boots

  • scottydigital

    Really diggin those pants!! Must get, thanks Wes, love um!

  • Andy Keech

    naked and famous are a good heavy-denim alternative to iron heart (same material, halfish the price).

  • Chris Davis

    That Iron Heart denim is seriously nice…at serious coin. Naked and Famous has some relatively heavy denim, but nothing like IH. Having designed some of this type of thing myself and having seen the abrasion test results, I’d encourage you to go with Kevlar-backed denim. But I get it, most styles aren’t too stealthy, but they’re out there.

  • Jeremy

    I have a pair of sugar canes that broke in really nice. wear them and a pair of Selveded levis. I dont know if they protect me better, but they look alot better than those astars.

  • smoke4ndmears

    I have the previous version of this jacket, and it would be wonderful but for one small problem that this one appears to share -no fastening method for the zipper tab. That f&**ing this is always bouncing against my neck. Would be the perfect jacket otherwise.

  • seanslides

    I call bs on the chest/back protector pockets until I see this thing in person. Alpinestars has been playing fast and loose with the spec sheets for quite a while. This is kinda the norm. Their website still lists my kinetic jacket as having chest protector pockets, and that jacket has been out for over a year.

    Just a heads up if you were planning on buying online or out of a catalog: Give them a call and have somebody physically check the stuff out to see what features are actually present.

    • T Diver

      I have the old Air-Flo jacket and the chest and back protector consists of a thin piece of foam (pretty much BS.) I use a Komodo back protector instead. It makes me feel more secure even though it probably won’t do anything if I crash. The jacket is awesome otherwise. Very good for hot days.

  • Case

    These jeans are not terrible looking. I’d have to see them on a person before I purchased though.

    I don’t see how denim, even premium extra-heavy denim, is going to protect you above around-town speeds. If you ride the freeway (or freeway speeds) and care about your knees and ass getting torn up in a crash you’ll want riding pants. I guess if you refuse to wear them then the iron hearts or similar are an option.

  • Benjamin

    Yeah but these cost 1/4th as much as Iron Heart’s… Having a star on your butt is lame, but so is dressing like a turn of the century Coal Miner in 2010.

    • ike6116

      “Coal Miner in 2010.”

      - Benjamin | January 6, 2011 4:06 PM

      Come on man!

      • Jeremy

        the red flannel doesn’t help with the coal miner thing at all either….

  • karinajean

    As a card carrying rainbow ranger, I’m not really sure what the big deal is! but then as a card carrying rainbow ranger, I welcome embroidered stars on the asses of my pants.

  • Jeremy

    I just got a pair of draggin next gen jeans. Pretty sweet they have all the kevlar but dont have that seam that all the other kevlar ones have, so they look like regular jeans. Comfortable too. Check em out