Custom: Ducati 450 Mark 3 ‘Shaman’

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Some bikes are so carefully created in bad taste that they’re elevated from ugly, to remarkable. This Ducati 450 Mark 3-based cafe racer is one of those bikes. Dubbed “Shaman” by Japanese shop Stupidcrown, it features South American or Mayan-themed artwork on top of what’s actually a really nice bike.

Looking like a drug dealer’s bathroom, the jade-and-gold feathers continue from the fairing to the tank, where they become a racing stripe/tapestry and even the classic Ducati logo is recast in gold leaf and mottled jade. A Nazca Lines heron is applied in contrasting leather to the seat, but the coup de grace comes on the tail, which is inlaid with polished Mexican abalone shells. There’s even a little Mayan warrior dude hiding under the tail.

All this artwork sits on what’s actually a really nice, clean cafe racer based around the single-cylinder, non-desmo 1972 450. Not how carefully chosen modifications like the 1930s rocket-style fairing, bar end indicators, custom-made seat cowl and high-mount exhaust are.

Stupidcrown via The Return of the Cafe Racers

  • Ted

    For some reason I really want to do a line of blow off that thing.

    There’s no accounting for taste.

  • Archer

    Reason #602 why I’m glad I don’t live in Japan anymore… ugly, clunky and municipally-sealed license plates…

  • andehans

    Well, Inca patterns are back in fashion this year (the horror), but somehow I don’t think Stupidcrown cares

  • michael uhlarik

    Japan has given us so much great art, craftsmanship, design …

    Sadly, this is not such an example.

  • Mark D

    Tan leather and turquoise jewelery looks better on 70s pinups, not so much 70s Ducatis.

  • seanslides

    If it were mine to ride, I’d do it in a fringed suede racing suit and cowboy boots.

  • DougD

    I like it. I’ve never seen anything like it; a bike embracing South American culture. Sure beats orange, black and spread eagles.

    • DougD

      PS, the Nazca heron is flippin’ awesome.