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“Spinne” is German for “spider,” but this KTM Super Duke R-based custom reminds us more of an elephant. That’s a good thing, typically knocking a bunch of weight off a bike involves making it look impossibly delicate. That can be good if we’re talking vintage moped, not so good if you’re building something for Pikes Peak. Which the Dugally SuperSpinne is.

Mark Dugally says, “This bike is inspired by Glenn Cox using a modified SDR to rock out in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. All carbon fiber, one-off bodywork. Custom-built Akropovic racing exhaust. Plenty of CRG, PSR and Vortex racing goodies. Custom cush-grip seat. Custom boulder bucket bellypan. PIAA HID torches.”

Everywhere we look on this bike, we see something creative, weird and awesome. Unlike most custom bikes which are built in order to replicate a certain period or rep a certain parts catalog, we struggle to pigeon hole anything on the SuperSpinne. Is the seat Frank Herbert’s “Dune” or H.R. Geiger’s “Aliens”? We can’t decide. The hand guards/mud guard/fairing are organic in form, yet look structurally indestructible. In profile, the thing is so ridiculously short and menacing that, not going to lie, we’re kinda scared of it.

Organic forms, a visual sense of strength that enhances the KTM’s inherent character and total uniqueness? Mark might be on to something here.

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  • mugget

    Sure looks ballsy!

    That seating position looks a bit funky though… I guess you could have a bit of movement if you move right up to the tank, just looks deceptively small. Seat looks like it is really grippy and comfortable though!

  • Emmet

    A lot of interesting design elements here, but are those shorty mufflers for real??

    • Wes Siler

      Never seen shorties like that before? You just remove the end cap, cut to desired length and refit. Bit loud though.

  • andehans

    Seat by OXO Good Grips.

  • Isaac

    Looks like a pig, look at the face.

    • Scott

      Yeahbut, it’s a stealth pig.

    • Jake

      A spider pig no doubt.

  • seanslides

    Eh… without saying too much, I’m not at all a fan of Mark’s work. The stuff in this gallery is somewhat representative of his taste. I’ve seen this Aprilia Futura in person, and I just couldn’t fine an angle it didn’t look terribly awkward from.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, we’re going to feature that Futura later today or tomorrow :)

  • jonoabq

    wow…and yuck? I’m somehow finding myself trying to look at it and yet somehow yet look away at the same time.

  • kneepuck

    Why would you post up a picture after the crash?

  • Nate Berkopec

    Gonna buy me one of these to get to the Thunderdome.

  • Paul

    Very Buellish from the side anyway.

  • jason

    Weirdest thing in a long time. Riding impression?

  • jason

    It does though, really look like an elephant. That is not bad, but picture a couple of eyes on the front. Ask any kid what they see, and it will be elephant.