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Extended, widened swingarms, piggyback shocks, GP exhausts, radial-look brakes, wavy discs, bikini fairings, billet rearsets, aluminum beam perimeter frames, we’re obviously describing a custom motorcycle, just one that you can pick up and carry. Japanese firm G-Craft realizes that mini-bikes aren’t supposed to just mimic the looks of the real thing, but rather to use big bike components to distort and subvert traditional motorcycle proportions.

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Like all things obsessive and oddly-motivated, mini bikes enjoy a huge customizing scene in Japan where they’re raced on go kart tracks, full-size road courses and even impossibly cute mini drag strips.

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Looking at the prices in G-Craft’s catalog, building a mini-bike like one of these up to the level you see here would likely add around $7-10,000 to the price tag of a bike like a Honda Ape 50, which starts at $3,200 itself.


Do yourself a favor and pore over some of the miniaturized mechanical details on the 20 bikes in this gallery.

  • Ducky

    G-craft makes some pretty high end stuff for older 50-110cc OHC air cooled Hondas. I was looking at getting some parts for my CT70 pit bike but the prices are a definite turnoff.

  • Frosty_spl

    I stumbled upon a monkey bike shop when I was visiting a friend in Tokyo. Most of the parts were used, but still way cool.

  • Mark D

    All this minibike/moped talk really has me jonesing for a winter project I can carry into my basement…

  • scottydigital

    The Europeans and japanese are crazy about this. A friend of mine makes frame that are milled out of 1 solid piece aluminum. Sells 2-5 a year in the USA. Sells hundreds to Japan and Europe.

    It is a cool, cheep (relatively cheep) form of racing. When I lived up in the D, there was a group of guys racing pit bikes on go-cart tracks. Loads of fun.

  • 2ndderivative