The fast and the four-year-old girls

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The trick to producing a World Champion is to start them young. Valentino Rossi began racing go karts at age 5. Michael Shumacher at age four. This girl then should have a World Championship locked up by the time she’s old enough to drink. At just four years old, her father already has her threading through dense Indian traffic, controlling a bike when she can’t even reach the foot controls. You can tell he’s a good dad too, making sure she learns that her actions have consequences by making her ride helmetless.

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via The Jalop

  • gregorbean

    Wow. That is kind of awesome and totally fucked up at the same time.

  • stempere

    No need fot a helmet she already has the most important protecting gear…

  • Vinicio

    In a way, it’s an interesting contrast to our American culture that wants us to live in a bubble protected from all dangers, because life is just so dangerous.

    • Myles

      Reps. Better to live and die one day than to never live at all. Think about it like this – in the US most people NEVER pilot a road motorcycle. To me, that’s sadder than the potential of a cute little girl getting killed.

      • Mr.Paynter

        If more people took some risk, natural selection would help curb rampant over-population.

        And lets be honest, daddy still cares and as ‘bad’ as it is he still probably feels she can handle after piloting who knows what else for how long?

        Riding scoots in Indonesia I got passed willynilly by 7 year olds, 4 and 5 up on scooters, it’s a way of life over there and they seem to be doing just fine with it!

  • tropical ice cube

    ‘Must confess I waited ’till my daughter was 6 before allowing her to “drive” our Honda Dream. Well, that was in Laos, much quieter really.
    It’s not a matter of helmet, rules or responsibility; over there, it’s all about Karma :)

    • robotribe

      So, if tragedy should strike (god I hope not), maybe she’ll return as tiger and maul her dad to death.

      • Denzel

        I’ve seen the Lao karma…The bike traffic in Laos flows like water. No road raging either…which is probably a prerequisite…

  • noone1569

    The outcry on Jalopnik over this cracks me up.

    Sure, dad needed to put her in a helmet, long sleeves, ATGATT, but who didn’t want to open on dad’s lap and ride with him? I remember riding my dad’s big ass yamaha dirtbike like this at a very young age (and I started on a JR50 with training wheels bolted on before I rode a bicycle). I remember my brother doing the same and promptly receiving a chip in his tooth because of it.

    This guy… he’s a villain and a hero… word.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, the pussyfication of America continues.

      Clearly this guy doesn’t come from a culture that puts much stock in motorcycle safety gear more advanced than a pair of sandles, so as far as he’s concerned he’s just spending some quality time with his daughter and helping her discover how neat motorcycles are. That seems pretty cool to me.

      • ike6116

        My dad did the same thing with me on a moped and in an automobile. Sack up America.

  • Scott

    BTDT with my four-year old on ‘merican interstate highways,
    in a Volvo 240…

  • Stonygut

    She only got passed once!

  • david folch

    May the new Valentino Rossi be a Valentine.

    “My funny Valentine” is singing Chet in my ears…

  • 2ndderivative

    I grew up in the “third world”. One time Dad plopped me on his idling scooter (on the centerstand) while he ran into a store to pick something up, so I could have fun revving it (I was probably 5 or so). I decided it would be fun to rev with both hands so I reached out and, well, put it into gear. The scooter jumped off the stand and did a little 360. I was fine, scooter was fine, and now I have a comment to leave on motorcycle websites.

    • Kentaro

      haha! Thank you for the story.

  • Nick

    I’m going to show this to my dad. I grew up with paranoid parents who wouldn’t let me ride my bicycle without a helmet, wouldn’t let me go to the roller rink without helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and some thick pants for good measure. Hell, they wouldn’t even let me snowboard down the tiny mid-western “hill” in our back yard without protective gear.

  • Paul

    check out her sunglasses; eye protection, and she’s the coolest girl she knows…

  • Mark

    I think she would be good eats once she hit the side of a truck.

  • ward

    I don’t know which is worse, the moving picture or the comments. The biggest problem here is the driving instructor was warring sandals; what other wisdom did he impart to his student?