How to build a lightercycle

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Look, you can convert two standard “Bic” lighters into a seriously cute little motorcycle model using only the parts contained in those lighters. Here’s how.

The text of these instructions is written in Chinese, but the visuals are relatively easy to follow. The lighter wheels form the wheels, the metal guard make the bodywork and a few other bits and pieces shoved in here and there look like exhaust pipes or handlebars. Bonus points if yours sparks while it rolls.

via Gizmodo

  • Penguin

    Hard hitting motorcycle journalism comin’ right at ‘ya.

    In all seriousness, it certainly made me chuckle and on the plus side it’s probably the only bike I could do maintenance on.

    • Mark D

      Seems like something that should be on Lifehacker!

  • mcfaite

    Clearly a symptom of what the Honda Hawk GT Listserv denizens call ‘PMS – Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.’

    One day this snow’s gonna end…

    • Darren

      Aww man, I misst the hawk-list. And my hawk…

  • ktaisa

    Only the Japanese…

    • 2ndderivative

      They all look alike to you, eh?

      • ktaisa

        no they look way different. i just totally jumped the gun and assumed. been to both places

  • Turf

    and there goes the next two hours

  • Nick

    Wes, you need a PS3 :)

  • Myles

    Damnit. I only have Bic lighters, this requires the cheap ones.

  • Mattro

    ha. i came real close to shooting off a tip e-mail to hfl about this one when i saw it over on lifehacker (or gizmodo, maybe), but then i remembered wes’ jalopnik connections and figured it’d make it over on its own.

    boring work day. i may gank someone’s used bic and see to making one of my own.

  • Mike Brooklyn

    This has made my day. I am very excited to go make ten of these, and race them around my desk, making high pitched engine noises…

  • Eddie

    Looks like a Confederate…

  • Core

    That’s pretty creative.. .

    I bet there is a story behind these lighter motorcycles..

    I bet someone wrecked their bike or something and was recovering in the hospital, and there like.. I KNOW! I’ll build motorcycles out of lighters..

    It really is pretty cool.