Jonah Street wins Dakar stage 9

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American Jonah Street has won stage 9 of the 2011 Dakar. “It’s awesome, totally awesome,” Jonah said shortly afterwards. The victory is the second Dakar stage win of his career and his first this year, he’s now 15th overall. “It’s what we come here to do, to do the best we can and first is the best you can do, so to win a stage pretty special.”

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“I had to start in the third wave, which was good and bad; good that everyone up front new their position and were taking it easy and I got to charge through. The second wave caught everybody in the second to last sand dunes. Then in the last dunes, I think when there were only 3 bikes in front of me I went over the handlebars hard, straight into the sand, totally unannounced, but I was okay. I got back up and followed them in, because I figured that I started two waves behind them so I was doing alright. Today we didn’t have any bike problems, everything went really smooth, so I’m happy. It’s awesome. You know what? We’ve been capable of it all rally, it just hasn’t fallen into our plate.”

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This interview with Jonah was conducted after stage 6.

  • Brad

    Go Jonah!! Niles is looking more and more like an Ewok every time I see his picture.

    Isn’t Breauxman the most awesome name ever?

  • gregorbean

    That is awesome. Even having lost it over the bars he still finished first, what a badass!

  • Zane H

    Awesome ride for Jonah! Even if he can’t improve in the general standings too much it’s great to see him pushing for stage wins

  • Sasha Pave

    Go Jonah!!!!

  • Steve

    Good stuff, great work Jonah. Quinn Cody is looking pretty darn good as well; great to see a couple Americans in this mix for a change. Be nice to see them both in the top ten overall this year…