King Kenny’s Bultaco on the block

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Okay, the $2.8 mil for Kenny Roberts’ California ranch, a.k.a. the “Hickman Haul-Ass Club,” was just too deep a dig. But maybe you coulda stepped up to buy one of the King’s better souvenirs, in this case a 1971 Bultaco Metralla Mk.2 presented to Roberts by old man Bulto himself and the Barcelona Bultaco Club back in 1994. Apparently the bike was brand-new and matching numbers, and had been pickled as a two-stroke time capsule. It now shows a mere 76 km, about 45 miles, with just a set of leaky petcocks (hate when that happens) standing between it and concours perfection.

Weighing a feathery 250 pounds and propelled by 32 premix-inhaling ponies, riding the 250cc Metralla street racer was once described as “like throwing a smoke bomb into a hornets’ nest, then climbing on.” Winning bidder on eBay this past weekend paid a pretty $20,000 for the bike, surely a world record for any Metralla, and about twice what one in this shape but without the KR provenance could hope to bring.


  • Deltablues

    Seems a fair price to me. Very beautiful motorcycle. Wish there were some small displacement motorcycles such as this one available now. What would the modern equivalent of this motorcycle be?

    • Ben

      I rode a Suzuki TU250X for my ABATE training. Seems as if no one has ever even looked at this bike yet it has the retro styling, small displacement, and low price that everyone’s begging for. Granted it was the first bike I’d ever ridden, but I found it to be very much enjoyable.

  • Glenngineer

    Clocks in the headlight bucket never get old.

  • David Edwards

    Big-time collector I know with a hundred or more bikes says of the Metralla, “For simple riding fun, this is my favorite motorcycle.”

  • slowtire

    A beautiful motorcycle. Love the way the bars meet the fork. And everything else too.

  • Nate

    I have an unnatural lust for this. And Bultaco. Gah.

  • Steve

    My first street bike. Great fun, and a lighting system that made an English Lucas system look as if it cast sunlight. Also a masterpiece of simplicity: few engines have fewer parts than a Bultaco’s. Ah, for the smell of two-stroke oil . . .

  • Cajun58

    Nothing against Mr Roberts but I’d have paid extra because of the the fact the Senor Bulto had presented it himself. Either way thank you David.