Photos: Chip Yates puts gas bikes on notice

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Here’s high-res action photos from yesterday’s WERA racing at Auto Club Speedway, where Chip Yates placed 2nd and 3rd in races against KTM RC8s, Ducati 848s and Suzuki SV650s.

Photos: Caliphotography/Julie Yates

Update: We’ve added a video interview created for us by Chris Sanchez of RT Moto.

Update 2: Quotes from Chip below.

YouTube Preview Image

“This was an absolutely epic race weekend for our team,” stated Chip. “We had to overcome some technical difficulties on Saturday but we fixed everything and came back Sunday to score two podiums, a huge top speed, and post competitive gasoline bike lap times with no further technical issues to slow us down. What a humbling experience for our small team to develop and build a superbike that can beat gasoline bikes from the top manufacturers on their own terms – I was nearly brought to tears as I crossed the finish line both times!”

“We are a small and entirely self-funded team, and together with a small group of very loyal sponsors, are solely responsible for the development, patenting and building of this superbike.”

“The bike has been developed with all new technology and software, in less than one year, and after extensive simulation testing, worked right out of the box from day one to beat bikes made by the world’s best known Italian and Japanese manufacturers.”

“The lap times achieved on the bikes first competitive outing validate the team’s assertion that its bike is vastly superior in technology and performance to any other electric bike and can demonstrably take the fight to conventional gasoline machines.”

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  • rohorn

    Funny how a conventional series just helped promote Performance Electric Racing Vehicles (PERVs?) more effectively than the other dedicated electric series, both real and counterfeit.

  • Alix

    Great photos, that bike almost looks good in a couple of them.

  • seanslides

    Judging by the lack of driveshafts up front, it looks like they couldn’t get the regen braking figured out.

    • Wes Siler

      WERA has shorter race distances than the TTXGP, so they didn’t need it.

  • wwalkersd

    What was up with Randolph in the “Superbike Ex” race? 52 seconds ahead of 2nd place, and 10 seconds lower lap time on his fastest lap?!? What was he riding?

    Great that the e-bike was able to turn competitive lap times (placing doesn’t mean too much, I think, with such small fields).

    • JRl

      From KTM 1195 (which I would assume is an RC-8). 2nd place was a KTM 990.

  • BrammoBrian

    “vastly superior”, hunh? Do tell…

  • Barry

    Heehee, functional it may be, but the pizza delivery box on the back may take some getting used to. Will make advertisers happy though… Perhaps Domino’s can bring back the Noid as the new electric mascot.

  • Zach

    Making a note to check this out when he comes to Miller in June.