Photos: Hammarhead x Ural x Hell For Leather

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People like to ask us why we don’t have booths at bike shows. Well, here’s why. We like to throw kick ass parties at fancy venues with hot women instead. Last Friday, we got together with Hammarhead and Ural for a little shindig at The Ace Hotel, coinciding with the New York Motorcycle Show. You can find all these photos on our Facebook page and on Flickr. Below, we’ll pull out a few of our favorites.

Special thanks to: James Hammarhead, Madina Merzhoeva, Jou-Yie Chou, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Brian Awitan, Alan Wilzig and Mark.

Photos: Chris Trigaux

Above: Cycle World Attack performance riders Eric Bostrom and JD Beach in a Ural Taiga 2WD with Amanda Schneider.

I like this photo because that chick is staring so adoringly at either Roland Sands or James Hammarhead, maybe both. What a couple of charmers.

Ray Abeyta harasses our DJ, Shanna White, aboard a Hammarhead Woodsman. If you ever need a metal DJ, look no further.

Isle of Man TT winner Dave Roper regales Markus Koelbl with war stories.

BFFs Alan Wilzig, JD Beach, the lovely Karin Wilzig, EBoz and me.

The Thunderdrome’s Andy Didorosi and everyone’s favorite Gawker IT girl Erin McGill.

Got a text from James: “This sidecar’s really heavy!” Don’t worry James, I’ll send Grant.

We like this photo.

Never have Stumptown customers been so perturbed.

We’re going to call this “New York’s fastest photo.”

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  • Glenngineer

    Holy fuck, are you actually sponsored by PBR?

    • Wes Siler

      They sponsored the party, yes.

  • 2ndderivative

    HFL roadshow?

  • Pete

    The Ace Hotel? You guys should have put some ironic mustaches on these bikes.

    Kidding! Looks like a fun shindig.

  • dux

    In photo number three, is that Funkmaster Flex creepin’ in the background?

  • Cajun58

    The Hammarhead Woodsman is also very cool looking how about taking it for a spin and let us know how it rides.

  • cramer

    When are we going to learn more about the Hammarhead Ural sT?

    • Wes Siler

      Soon, James needs to get it shot properly first.

  • Nick

    Hey Andy! When are you going to drop some Thunderdrome 2011 details on us?

    • Wes Siler

      I think he’s got some 2011 dates to announce soon.

  • Marlon

    Have you got any photos of the kickarse party?

  • contender

    Looks like you throw a great party, though I feel a bit less a part of a community and a bit more watcher of people somewhat cooler than I am after these photos.

  • GuessWho

    Great party, I haven’t gotten that fucked in years and it felt right.

  • debra

    looks like i missed another great party..i won’t miss the next one!!

  • Mark D

    Nothing matches up better with $15k motorcycles and $400 Japanese jeans than $2 tall boys of PBR :)

  • seanslides

    If anyone ever asks about hipster motorcyclists again…

  • Rudyard Crippling

    No e-vites?