Photos: put a little Triumph in your kitchen

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We already showed you the bike parts that industrial design students in England turned into furniture, lamps and household accessories. Now, here’s better pictures of the work, including this corkscrew made from a grip, clutch lever and a little piece of handlebar.

All these parts came off a Triumph Bonneville T100 and were given new life by students at Birmingham City University. The projects emphasize the timeless nature of the Bonneville design, the parts look equally at home in a kitchen or on the road.

That corkscrew (Nick Orme) was awarded first place, but we also like this desk lamp by Savvas Panagiotou and the bowl made from wheel spokes by Wa Ya-Lin.

  • carter

    A delicate balance of cool and hokey. The fender lamp is beautiful, and I think it’s funny to make a stool out of the world’s least comfortable motorcycle seat.

    When I wrecked my Sportster ca. 1996, I made a bottle-opener out of the twisted brake lever. It was a vivid reminder not to be stupid, and kind of a memento mori.