Photos: Rossi rides 1198 SP

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“Today I did a total of 25 laps on the [Ducati 1198 SP], which is sort of a ‘historic’ motorcycle for Ducati: beautiful and fast,” Valentino Rossi stated from Misano this afternoon. “I liked it!”

“The track more or less confirmed what we expected: the shoulder is painful—especially under braking, when the front area hurts, where they stitched the tendon,” continued Rossi. “Movement is stable enough, and we’re also doing not so bad with endurance, but apart from that, it hurts a lot and isn’t very strong. Let’s hope it gets a little better in these next few days before the test in Malaysia. Once we’re there, we’ll work with the riding position in an effort to make the most of the situation and collect important information with the Desmosedici, even though I’m not in top form.”

  • jwinter

    Not that Rossi hasn’t worked his ass off to get where he is, but hell if he doesn’t get to do some fun shit in exchange.

  • Deltablues

    There is a lot of speculation on MCN that Rossi is sandbagging. Do you all think that too? I think he is sandbagging myself.

    • Wes Siler

      What would be the reason for sandbagging? I don’t see one. Recovering from surgery takes a while, even for Rossi.

      • Deltablues

        I just really want to see Rossi do well on the Ducati. My first brand new motorcycle was a Ducati 900SS-CR. And at some point another Ducati will be my steed. Have to admit that I am as nuts about motorcycle racing as my friends at work are about football (or the Razorbacks). This maybe one of the most epic seasons ever in motorcycle racing. It would be nice to have a full season where no one suffers a major injury so that the racing can stay close.

      • Richard

        As we know, Rossi is notorious for playing headgames with his competition. It wouldnt surprise me that he’s doing that now. Let everyone else think he’s weak so they underestimate not only his ability to ride the bike but more importantly his ability to go full race distance at 100% pace. That could totally play into his favor for at least the first race. If its true.

        Or, if you like the conspiaracy theory, the bike isnt as good as he thought it would be. Now he can blame poor performance on his injury. I dont really believe that though.

  • Shaun

    no he’s not sandbagging. he’s getting older and hurts. He will win some races next year, but enough?…I’m not sure. Looks cool on that duke though.

  • Archer

    There are few things worse than a shoulder injury for this level of competitor. I represented the USA in a World Archery Championship a few years ago, a few months after a shoulder injury similar to Rossi’s (from a skiing accident). 5 days a week of physical therapy from February to July of that year. It was excruciating. Sometimes it still hurts so much I can’t sleep.

  • BuellDoc

    Thanks for these Pics. I could not see the presented Desmosedici as a background but these are GREAT. Stop the excusses, Super Heros don’t have pain!