Report: 1,200cc engines for 2013 KTM Adventure, Super Duke

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Our friends at Dutch publication Nieuwsmotor just returned from a visit to KTM’s Austrian headquarters, where they discovered that new versions of the Adventure, Super Duke and Duke are in the works. At the heart of the new models is a new modular engine which they suggest will be available in 1,200, 1,000 and 700-800cc capacities. A 700cc version of the single-cylinder Duke is also planned for 2012.

Why the long wait for a new Adventure, which has been around since the halcyon days of 2006? KTM apparently had a new version ready for next year, but Stefan Pierer felt it too closely resembled the BMW R1200GS, so sent the designers back to the drawing board.

Nieuwsmotor goes on to report that the new modular v-twin is being developed in conjunction with Porsche and should bring with it a sophisticated traction control system, pointing towards reasonably high performance. They also point to the succesful down-sizing of models like the KTM 350 EX-C, which sacrifices capacity for a lighter weight to improve handling. The implication is that a new, 7-800cc Adventure could take a similar approach, becoming the most dirt-oriented adventure tourer on the market in the process.

Another interesting tidbit is that the KTM RC8 superbike is currently unprofitable due to the western motorcycle market’s general collapse over the last two years. While KTM is forging ahead with smaller capacities and cheaper models made possible by its partnership with Bajaj (models like the KTM 250 Duke), the company will continue to develop large-displacement models in the hope that the market will recover.

KTM is also re-stating, post 2011 Dakar victory, that the KTM 450 Rally is going into limited production for rally privateers. Don’t get too excited, the price will remain in excess of €25,000.


  • Barry

    As much as I wanted to like the RC8, I initially disliked it. Then our local club-racer hot-shoe brought in a whole big rig of RC8 and RC8R’s for us to play with at a track day, and I got it. I really hope they can continue making that. As for the Rally 450… mmmm, it makes me want to feel dirty, get dirty, and then take a shower. And yay to KTM for making reasonable-displacement things in the 7-800 class. Too bad they’ll never take on in the states. Just about an ideal displacement at this point.

  • Brad

    Not much to say other then I love me some KTMs

  • Pete

    An 800cc KTM adventure bike sounds just about right. Assuming it isn’t $15k of course…

  • Kevin

    WTF is up with the displacement wars? It’s like the 1960s with cars, all over again.

  • markbvt

    Let’s just have an 800cc Super Enduro that gets reasonable gas mileage, and I’ll be very, very interested.

  • paul

    They need to get a 800cc on/off road motorcycle out to us ASAP, I don’t want to buy a BMW, the triumph is tempting though. Hurry up ktm!

  • R.Sallee

    Gah, really wish that 700 cc motor was a twin. Also, I have no practical use for it and it’d probably be ashamed to have me ride it, but I want that 450 Rally bad.

  • Robert

    Have 4 KTM’s right now. Have always been solid bikes with no problems if taken care of. I hope too that they continue to make the RC8, but know that KTM has been pretty savvy when it comes to financial concerns. They are also looking to the future with a variety of displacement motors/models. I hope it catches on in the states – it makes sense in Europe with the graduated licensing.

  • steve

    As an owner of SuperDuke and 690 Supermoto I can’t say enough good about the bikes. About the only thing that can get me to sell my SD 990 would be a 1200 SD!

  • Robert

    When I read in HFL that KTM might not make the RC8R anymore due to it being unprofitable, I had my dealer find one for me. When KTM dropped the price 3500 so they could move them out…made the deal even sweeter. We have 5 KTM’s. By far,IMO, the best bikes out there, on road or off road. RC8R is an Awsome bike. Everything is adjustable. 400 lbs. +180 HP = rocket ship fun.