Royal Enfield to unveil two new models this Friday

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Royal Enfield plans to pull the wraps off two new models for the US market at the New York Motorcycle Show this Friday. The 2011 Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Classic Chrome you see here is, as the name suggests, a be-dazzled version of the regular Bullet Classic. There’s also the 2011 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 below, a simple take on the company’s basic standard, now (as with all the other models) with fuel-injection added to the 499cc single-cylinder engine.

Grant reviewed the Royal Enfield C5 Military — mechanically identical to both of these new models — and found it to be a nice throwback around-town bike, but a pain in the ass once you tried to take it on the highway or anywhere else that required speeds of 65mph or above. He concluded, “It’s still a Harley for hipsters.”

  • Glenngineer

    Too bad they’re not really a modern motorcycle..Grant really scared me off them.

    • Grant Ray

      They aren’t meant to be modern, though. Just like most Harleys aren’t meant to be modern. For someone who isn’t spoiled rotten by the latest and greatest in bike technology and is tip-toeing into motorcycles as a fun means to buzz around the hood, it’s alright.

      And if gets more onto bikes, then it’s done it’s job.

      • Mr.Paynter

        I started on little Korean imports which were very old-tech and these remind me of those which are awesome!
        There’s a running joke amongst me and my friends with older tech bikes that if there’s no oil-leaks somethings wrong!

  • robotribe

    I checked out these bikes at a dealership in my area and am torn between the hot sex they bring to my eyeballs and the limited abilities they bring at their price points. I’m all for nostalgia, but struggle to ignore what more a similarly-priced used modern Bonneville can deliver with street AND highway usability, or even what a modern Vespa at it’s premium can provide with regards to storage, transport, fuel economy and yes, retro-style nostalgia.

    Sure, they’re awesome on the eyes, but would be an easier sell as even a second bike to someone like me if pricing started in the high 4′s. I think that’s a fair price for being restricted to street use and not being to handle the highway comfortably; it’s the difference between me getting to my job 20 minutes on the freeway with my current bike or 15-20 minutes later via side streets with this Enfield. And no, 65mph doesn’t cut it on Los Angeles freeways, folks. A Toyota Prius would be running you over on this bike at 65mph on our freeways.

    • Case

      Straight truth from robotribe. They are hot sex to the eyeballs but the price/performance ratio is Harley-esque. I think it would make an adequate city bike but if you ride the freeways it’s a nonstarter.

      Plus they got rid of the kickstarter on the FI models. That really turned me off. What’s the point of riding a 40′s (50′s?) era bike if you can’t kick it over when you ride away from the coffee shop? (I am serious.) If you’re going to use a dated design you should retain the elements that make the design cool.

      • Mark D

        +1 re Kickstarters. Nothing makes you feel like more of a badass than kicking a bike to life.

        For the price, I’d rather have a Bonnie or a Sporty.

        • Mr.Paynter

          Agreed, no kick-starts suck!

  • Mattro

    robotribe is dead-on. i understand that importing motorcycles from india is an expense unto itself, but these bikes are over priced for what you get. even more so than is at first apparent.

  • Marlon

    Pffft, highways are shit anyway.

    • holdingfast

      hahaha +1