This is the most powerful production bike in the world

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Equipped with a bespoke 2,500cc V6 putting out 240bhp and something in excess of 150lb/ft, this Czech-made motorcycle will be the most powerful ever when it goes on sale next year. You’ve never heard of Moto FGR before and there’s a reason for that, it’s a tiny, family-run business from a tiny village in the Czech Republic. The bike itself was just unveiled at the local rec center.

There’s few details on the exact specs of the engine, but it’s an in-house designed cooked up by a Mr. Oldřich Kreuz. It’s naturally-aspirated, liquid-cooled, uses a 90 degree cylinder angle, two overhead camshafts and a fuel-injection system of Kreuz’s own design. Bore and stroke is 90x64mm, redline is 8,500rpm, the whole engine weighs 107kg and it’s said to achieve 30-40mpg.

FGR also built a 125 GP bike which debuted at last year’s GP race at Brno.

Once they had that motor, FGR set about looking for a designer to create a bike to house it. 45 designers applied in 2008 and that was eventually whittled down to the winner, Stanislav Hanuš, who got working on the bike you see here in 2009.

What do we see here? Well, it’s still rather vague. Its a performance naked with clear Ducati influcence, a steel trellis frame, a terribly sexy swingarm with exposed webbing, OZ wheels and six exhaust outlets. Suspension and brakes appear to be top drawer.

We bet it’s going to be a complete handful to ride.

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  • 2ndderivative

    Eh, for some definition of “production”.

  • Johndo

    Oh that sounds nice. Funny how it looks like a mix between a Diavel and a Speed Triple, and also sounds a bit like a triple…

  • motoguru


  • Michael

    . . .yeah. . .

  • Your_Mom

    “Nothing succeeds like excess.”
    Oscar Wilde

  • Your_Mom

    Actually, the flyscreen is reminiscent of the Diavel and the tank resembles the Brutale more than anything else. It is impressive but I fear for all the wrong reasons.

  • Turf

    how much will it cost? styling isn’t my piece of cake and the v6 isn’t as cool as Motus’s small block but it’s hard to argue with a 240 hp streetfighter. Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of those swingarms though.

  • RT Moto

    Looks like a Monster that ate the Hulk and a Czechnian porn star. I don’t know whether to be scared or aroused. I’m confused.

    • holdingfast


  • Mark D

    I want that engine in a car, not a bike!

  • Peter

    Diavel – eat shit and die.

  • Corey

    yay for 6th gear power wheelies.

  • seanslides

    Looks like the Diavel done the right way.

  • Filip

    Check a few pictures FGR Midalu with Girl – <a href="

  • Filip

    Check a few pictures FGR Midalu with Girl – here

  • mugget

    I find this immensely more desirable and exciting than the Diavel. Hope you guys are gonna go and do a report/feature on one? Oh yeah!!

    • Peter

      Wes wont do one. I heard he’s scared.

  • tropical ice cube

    Yay! A project that doesn’t shows up as CGIs and Sorry-all-the-money-went-into-marketing, but shows an actual bike. It’s moving, engine is running… I believe nowadays 2.500CC for 240bhp to be conservative; if that thing goes on sale & survives, we can expect some fun.

    Then the girls on the bike show us that there is yet still some money for marketing the bike in quite the old way.

    And what’s wrong with that?