Video: just an old used bike from Deus

Dailies -



Even when Deus Ex Machina is just flogging a random used bike they make it look seriously cool. This is a promo video for a Yamaha XS650 they’re selling in Australia.


  • matt

    That’s a beautiful bike.

  • Jason

    Can everyone please stop showing how cool an XS can be. It is driving up the prices and making it harder for me to purchase them. :)

  • Iain

    Really does look splendid doesn’t it. Why no one in the UK is making customs like Deus I have no idea!

  • Marlon

    A mate of mine built that bike. Lucky bastard…

  • Michael

    Those guys just do it right. Every time.

  • Mr.Paynter

    I’m hitting BAli in July and I cannot wait to check out their shop over there!