Video: Riding September with Blitz Motorcycles

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A road trip through France, the low key customs of Blitz Motorcycles, a film crew and a Felice Brothers soundtrack? They’re calling it “Riding September.”

Here’s a mini documentary on Blitz:

And a little kick start sequence:

Blitz Motorcycles

  • mb

    How can you not want to ditch work and go ride after this, oh wait, that’s right, I am.

    • Andreas

      Great, same here man. -10 degrees celsius and winter enduro!

  • BN.

    Male tramp stamp?

  • matt

    That looks like a helluvalot more fun than what I’m doing right now…

  • gregorbean

    This reminds me of my Czech mate Daniel Peter on a hot Chicago afternoon last summer, ATGATT babayyy:

  • Scott Pargett

    While motorcycling has a very dynamic spirit, these videos really capture the heart of riding.

    No ego’s out there trying to out corner each other, judge technique, or split hairs over horsepower. Everyone just enjoying cool bikes and great company in a beautiful setting.

    • tony starr

      well said scott. great viewing these videos.

  • ike6116


    • Zach

      Now wearing my helmet around my apartment.

      • ike6116

        It’s seriously going to come to that.

        • Mark D

          I’m so glad I’m not the only one…

      • jeb


    • Ceolwulf

      /me looks outside at mountains of snow
      /me sighs heavily

      • Mr.Paynter

        I cannot imagine the pain of snowy winters!

        I have no drivers licence, just my riders. Every day, all year round!I get wet, but that’s liveable!

        I saw guys riding in gnarly snow in London December ’09 – January ’10 and it blew me away!

        • James

          I rode a CBR600 in the snow last year and this year, it’s sketchy, but fun as hell to filter past divorcee’s driving at eleven miles per hour in their chelsea tractors that were apparently designed for conditions exactly like this.

  • AJ

    Gotta love Florida- I ride to class everyday. We pay in the summer, though

  • nymoto

    man i want to ride.

  • Denzel

    Like the triptych going on in the “mini documentary”…

  • paul

    Fak boys, I’m up to my arse in snow till mid may yet but vids like these really help. I love when they start the one bike and the steam is coming off the header wrap.
    Reminds me of the first time I wrapped the pipes on my Vic, really brings me back to that moment. Keep’em coming boys…