Video: Rossi rides 1198 SP

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Last week we brought you photos of Valentino Rossi riding a Ducati 1198 SP, along with a self-evaluation of his fitness — his shoulder still hurts. Now there’s video from the test, it’s below.

YouTube Preview Image
  • james

    No vid?

    • Wes Siler

      D’oh. That should be fixed now.

  • Kyle

    I still like they way his leathers look, no matter how bad the teamwear looks.

  • Myles

    Man that yellow looks terrible.

    • R.Sallee

      I wonder if he wears the yellow in an attempt to improve the public perception of high-vis gear. Has anyone cool ever worn high-vis before?

      • Myles

        I think dude just likes yellow. He’s the man, so he gets to make calls like this.

        Unfortunately for the rest of us, yellow looks horrible with red.

      • Terry

        I think it has to do with that sun/moon thing of his. In his bio he says the sun/moon reflects the two sides of his personality – like how he can be gregarious off track and a fierce competitor on the track. Light/dark, mellow/fierce. Or I could be spacing out :-)

  • Chris

    I love it.

  • holdingfast

    ah, that snarl @1:05 is just awesome.

  • Hien

    Ducati just sold another 500 1198sp ‘ s with that video.