Video: RSD Speed Freak Bell Star

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The custom graphics that Roland Sands designed for this Bell Star have the appearance of metal leaf applied on top of raw carbon fiber. Anything black you see here isn’t paint, it’s the exposed weave of the all-carbon shell. The Star is Bell’s range-topping full-face helmet and is built to the Snell M2010 safety standard.

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  • Tim

    as an owner of a new Bell Star I should already know the answer to this, but I don’t.. Are ALL Stars carbon fiber under the paint? I didn’t think so, but mine IS light..

    • Wes Siler

      No, just this and the Cerwinsky I believe. Others are a Carbon/Kevlar/Fiberglass weave.

  • dux

    Male jewelry. Does it come with an eyebrow piercing?

  • Trev

    As a Bell Star owner, I am glad this helmet are out.

    I just wish they made a Solid white Bell Star, because my Star is getting really long in the tooth.

  • Barry

    I’m not usually one for the really busy helmet designs, but I like that one. It’s not as classic as a Lawson or Reed replica, but I like it better than the cartoonish TLD stuff that is so popular now. Now if only Bell’s fit my noggin correctly…

  • Core

    I enjoyed this article and video thoroughly.

    It’s always cool to see someone living their dream.

    Although… I couldn’t believe he was grinding on that metal with no protective eye wear. I mean, on the road, high speed bugs, in the shop high speed metal. Both could blind your ass.

  • Chris Davis

    Apply the KH9 graphics to a carbon Bell Star and you’ll have a winning combo.