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Originally aired in the UK back in November, “When Playboys Ruled the World” is finally available…to the world. This ITV documentary tells the story of 1976, the year in which Barry Sheene and James Hunt conquered motor racing. No transparently insincere apologies, this was a time of larger-than-life personalities, cigarettes, booze and babes. Listening to Murray Walker describe blowjobs from Japanese girls is not an experience we ever thought we would have.

via MotorsportRetro

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  • RSassi

    Is that Emerson Fittipaldi in that shirtless interview scene?

  • Zane H

    Thanks! Great find guys!

  • Jim

    Really good stuff. Amazing larger than life characters.

  • Paul

    Great viewing on a snowy afternoon.

  • Andre

    the kings of cool…

  • gregorbean

    That was great! Thanks for posting it. I wish we could still have sports stars like those guys.

  • JRl

    Damn, I need to quit my desk job…

    • Wes Siler

      We fully support quitting your desk job :)

  • paul

    Another great post Thanks

  • Filipe

    Fantastic! Very well made film. Lot’s of other cool docs via motorsportretro, especially the one about Kim Newcombe.

  • mugget

    Cheers for linking! I just started watching it now… looks like there are alot of great quotes in there.

    “Instead of going and chasing girls after the race, now they go and thank Vodafone.”