Vyrus’s Moto2 racer

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Vyrus is teasing its new hub-center steered Moto2 bike in the run up to its unveiling later this month. “Our plans is to build a motorcycle that is destined for Moto2, offered at a very competitive price compared to what is currently proposed by the category, but with advanced technology,” said Ascanio Rodorigo of the CBR600RR-powered machine. “In addition, there will be a replica road approved to offer our loyal customers around the world.”

Vyrus is based in Rimini, Italy and founded by former Bimota engineer Ascanio specifically to continue development of the hub-center steering that began on the Tesi. It’s a tiny company that specializes in seriously wild motorcycles, including one that adds a supercharger to the Ducati 1198’s engine to make it the most powerful “production” bike in the world.

“[The Vyrus 986 M2] will be characterized by a very aggressive price, affordable for the teams involved in this formula,” Ascanio told Moto.it. We have already started production in pre-production version of the road, with deliveries in March 2011.”

The official unveiling is scheduled for January 21.

via Omnimoto.it and Moto.it

  • Barry

    You know, it may not be the most efficient steering mechanism, but I’m still a sucker for hub-center steering. At some point, something I own should have that as a feature, just for being clever. Plus, I’d get to play with all manner of crazy suspension component customization on the shock to make it work correctly. Simply put: YES PLEASE.

  • Zane H

    Nice to see some some of the more exotic frame/suspension ideas showing up as hard parts in Moto2. How successful it will be remains to be seen, but new (or recycled and presumably refined in this case) technology needs the crucible of racing to improve at anything more than a glacial pace.

  • http://www.firstgenerationmotors.blogspot.com Emmet

    Racing homologations have been setting the conventions in motorcycle design (along with manufacturability and market interest) for a long time. It’s refreshing to see new ideas and even better that there’s a venue to test them. I’m reading Tony Foale’s book, Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design, and it’s full of such incredible ideas. I just wish the Vyrus wasn’t so damn expensive!

  • Isaac

    My God I have a boner now. @Barry: Mee toooooo! C.H.S. looks sexy as hell.