A video timeline of the Chip Yates electric superbike

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Chip Yates set out to build his electric superbike when he was laid up with a broken pelvis he suffered while racing gas bikes. He didn’t do it to save polar bears or pick up hippie chicks. Chip set out to build an electric race bike because he saw it as the only venue in which he could combine his engineering and riding skills, then actually win races. A little over a year later, he beat bikes like the Ducati 848 and KTM RC8 aboard his garage-built creation. “Electric vehicles don’t have to be slow and boooring,” says Chip. Here’s how it happened.

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  • jason

    Superb, excellent work. I am loving the sound and the look, Like a big angry Bumblebee.

  • http://www.tripleclamp.net Sasha Pave


  • Samuel

    TTXGP… maximum weight limit… (?) this bike would do some damage in the all-electric series if it weren’t for a messed up set of rules.

    I’m glad to see Chip pitting it against the best production bikes out there.

    Bikes like the Mission R and Ep1c might have the whole “industrial design” thing down but this pig doesn’t need any lipstick. At 158 mph it has the look that every motorcyclist wants… fast!

  • David

    Bodywork by Givi.

    Just a little joke. Seriously, though, that’s a great accomplishment.