BMW K1600GT priced at $20,900, K1600GTL at $23,200

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The BMW K1600GT will start at $20,900 when it goes on sale in the US this spring and the higher-spec BMW K1600GTL will be $23,200. To say that price is surprisingly low is an understatement. The outgoing BMW K1200LT, over a decade old, retailed for $21,520. The K1600 isn’t just an all-new motorcycle with a huge, 1,649cc inline-six, it also comes with an unprecedented level of features and promises superior handling and performance to the $22,899 Honda Goldwing.

The K1600s are surprisingly light for huge, full-dress tourers — 319kg/703lbs (wet) for the GT and 348kg/767lbs (wet) for the GTL. Both are substantially lighter than an 895lbs Goldwing.

319kg/703lbs (wet) for the GT and 348kg/767lbs (wet) for the GTL. Both are substantially lighter than an 895lbs Goldwing.

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Those base prices include a bunch of the feature content which makes the K1600s so special:

Both models include:
Xenon headlight with dynamic leveling
Heated seat
Heated grips
Cruise control
Multifunction TFT display, on-board computer and multi-controller
Integral ABS
Luggage rack
E-Gas throttle with three power modes
White LED turn signals
Power adjustable windshield

While the GTL adds:
Audio system with tuner, Sirius satellite radio with one-year complimentary subscription, iPod/USB integration, 3.5mm Aux input, GPS preparation
Top case in body color
Comfort backrest for top case
Third stop light for top case
Comfort windshield
Comfort footrests
Chrome body kit

Prices start going up as you add some of the fancier options though. Adding ESA II adjustable suspension, that fancy adaptive headlight that can see around corners and traction control to the GT will bring the price up to $23,045.

On top of that, a Premium Package will be offered for both models, bringing the GT up to $24,540 and the GTL to $25,845. It includes:

Audio system with tuner, Sirius satellite radio with one-year complimentary subscription, iPod/USB integration, 3.5mm Aux input, GPS preparation
Safety package (Xenon adaptive headlight, dynamic traction control, tire pressure monitor)
GT Luxury Package – ESA II, power central locking system, anti-theft alarm

Safety package (Xenon adaptive headlight, dynamic traction control, tire pressure monitor)
GTL Luxury Package – LED fog lights, ESA II, power central locking system, anti-theft alarm

The GT will be available in silver or red, the GTL in blue or silver.

  • roastbeef

    It’s remarkable to me how closely they chose to price this bike to the R1200RT. With more and more competitive pricing coming from BMW (this and the S1000RR as my only data points), I’m curious if the rumored water cooled R bikes might see a decline in price accompanying their increase in sophistication?

  • Alex

    So insane to see the adaptive headlight. My college roommates designed that exact same system in 2002 for their Mechanical Engineering Senior Design project. Too bad they were a bunch of bums and never patented it and/or took it to market! :)

  • markbvt

    We apparently have different ideas of what constitutes an “affordable” motorcycle (in response to the Facebook post).

    • Wes Siler

      Show me a cheaper six-cylinder tourer.

      • markbvt

        That’s not the point. “Affordable” is an adjective most people would associate with, say, an SV650. Just saying… :)

        • Wes Siler

          No one called you poor. Calm down.

          • Myles

            I think “surprising value” is more appropriate than “seriously affordable”.

            Also, the GTL is more expensive than the Goldwing – which has been the industry standard for like thirty years. We’ll see how this new bike stacks up, but lighter weight/more power doesn’t necessarily mean a better touring bike.

    • Pete

      I’m pretty sure the point here is that the previous model was several hundred $$ more. Buyers are getting a new design with cutting edge tech features for less. You really only need to be upset if you bought a K1200 recently, but we’ve known about the K1600s for at least a year so if you did that you’re an idiot.

  • Charlie

    Very aggressive…just like the 1000RR. A prescription for success. I don’t need a luxo-tourer, but would love to sample it

  • Mark D

    Is it wrong that I want to see somebody strip this thing to its bare bones and make a 6-cylinder BMW roadster? Preferably one with minimal exhaust pipes.

    • Ben

      Like the Valkyrie did for the Goldwing? Seems like it would be just another “muscle bike.”

      • Mark D

        Actually, I had in my head the original 1978 Honda GL1000. Or, even better, the CBX. Wasn’t the Valkyrie more of a chopper/cruiser/abomination?

        • Ben

          Abomination is the right word. I thought the Honda was just the original Goldwing. Meaning, it as itself was the high-end tourer of the time. Although, I wasn’t even around back then so I could easily be wrong. I’m more excited for what this engine could do for kit cars. This in a miata could be fun.

        • Todd

          The Valkyrie was no chopper or abomination, it was a damned nice cruiser that was plenty capable and offered significantly better performance (in the cruiser realm) without being another “me too” V-twinkie. The Tourer and Interstate versions were fully equipped with bags, fairings, trunk, etc. and would still outmatch most of the current bagger offerings today even though production ceased in 2003 (in yet another one of Honda’ brilliant moves). Used examples still hold their value quite well and they have a pretty fiercely loyal following (and no, I don’t own one).

          Now the Rune on the other hand…

    • Pete

      I was thinking the same thing. Definitely not something mass produced by BMW. Just let a good custom builder get their hands on that 1600 engine and do something sexy with it. Why you ask? Why not I reply.

    • Todd

      The original roadster concept that BMW put out to showcase the [then] upcoming new I6 motor was very cool looking. I’d be much more interested in a production version of that bike personally.

  • Kevin

    I was thinking $30K fully loaded. Big surprise.

    • andy727

      Me too. This could be a great replacement for my K1200GT.

  • KLR_Pilot

    Like everyone else, I expected the price point to be somewhat higher than it is. Until I happen across 20-large I don’t need, my C-14 will do just fine. Besides, the sales manager at my nearest Beemer dealer is a tool (next closest is 125 miles away); I was ready to buy a ’10 K13GT, but in the price/package negotiation phase of the purchase, the sales manager felt it was more important to search for baby seats online for his car and take three calls from his girlfriend while I was sitting at his desk. Pfft, I don’t need that shit. I wrote a letter to BMW-USA and received the perfunctory apology blah blah blah. Teutonic arrogance . . . kiss my ass.

    • Kevin

      I bailed on a Ducati/Triumph dealership on Saturday because some sales guy wet his pants over my 4 year old granddaughter sitting on display bikes while I watched her. Seriously, are motorcycle customers so plentiful that you can just be jerks to them?

      By the way, the dealership was Ducati/Triumph of Newport Beach. To be fair, I can’t represent that more than one of their salespeople is an ass.

      • KLR_Pilot

        My ‘experience’ was at Adventure BMW of Chesapeake, VA. Like you said, to be fair, I can’t say all their salesman are like that, but in the THREE times I visited the dealership before my FOURTH trip to make the purchase, this particular salesman/manager was the only one on the floor. My wife stopped visiting the dealership with me after the second trip and asked why I would put up with that treatment. When the service department manager saw that the salesman hadn’t even welcomed me after 15 minutes on what was my fourth trip he offered to help me but was unable to talk sales. BTW – I was the only customer in the showroom of a very small dealership, maybe a 1500′sq showroom.

      • ike6116

        Even if your kid had the most horrific jam hands it’s nothing a goddamn wet rag wouldn’t fix. It’s baffling how short sited it seems everyone in this industry is (present company excluded of course)

        • BMW11GS

          What if you had jam hands and hot chocolate spillers cruising around with their parents while you worked in your office…just sayin’

          • Tony

            I don’t think most offices are full of things that basically require that they be constantly fondled. Kids in a “functional glass art” gallery? I could see being a little nervous there. Not so much at a dealership.

          • Kevin

            Yeah, but she was clean as a whistle and just having a great time being with grandpa looking at motorcycles. She loved it, didn’t want to stop and wants to go back.

    • mugget

      Yeah there’s alot of asshats around, they don’t all come from BMW dealerships. I could give you bad examples I’ve experienced or heard of from Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki shops.

      It sucks that there’s just a few people that make buying a bike difficult or unpleasant – but don’t let it stop you getting the bike you want!

      • KLR_Pilot


  • andy727

    I hope they figured out the final drive problems with this new bike. My GT’s was replaced at 11,000 miles.