Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligun: an affordable supermoto

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What if there was a cool little supermoto that you could buy as your first bike? What if it was super cheap, robust and unintimidating? What if it weighed less than 300lbs and cost less than $3,600? Well, that bike is about to become a reality. We’re exclusively revealing these images and details of a pre-production Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligun, a new supermoto/dual sport destined for the American market later this year.

One of the best things about Cleveland is its baby-faced visionary/designer Scott Colosimo. Rather than send us some boring press release, Scott says, “It is quite simple, we need more options for bikes in the USA.  Below is the story of why this bike, why now, and what the fuck.”

“CCW started with classic style motorcycles because we knew we could not come out with UFOs in the beginning; in terms of motorcycle design. The motorcycle culture is very slow to change and I get that. So, CCW is entering the market with some very beautiful neo-retro bikes that look classic, but have some nice modern features. We have to first establish ourselves in the industry and firmly establish our company as people who make cool looking bikes that are affordable and quality built. We are doing that and we will continue to push forward. Plus classic style never dies, I truly believe in timeless design.”

“If we launched CCW with some futuristic designs that really pushed the envelope of current motorcycle design, then we would have met our ultimate death. So what you are seeing is the development of a meticulously planned motorcycle company, one I have been planning in my head for the last 15 years.  Think of CCW as the sick mind of the crazy designer that the bosses say yes to. Think of how many bikes are 70 percent there. Fuck that, we push our designs to get closer to cool then most companies.”

“Compare our Heist design to a Honda Rebel and you get the picture. Honda builds Rebels, they are shit in stock form (design wise), but 2 months of chopping and customizing and you get a pretty cool bobber. Well, we just manufacture the Heist as a bobber from the beginning, because no one is telling us, ‘No, you can not do that.’”

“So that leads us to the Hooligun. This is our first bike that is of a modern design. Lets just say that CCW has made some very powerful friends over the past 3 years and we were able to leverage some of our contacts to bring this product to market. Perhaps a quick reference to the Suzuki DR200 is in order. Our motor is an overhead cam 250cc oil-cooled motor. Some may know, others may not know what I am talking about. Because of certain relationships, we were able to use a great platform to redesign and redevelop a great chassis. Because of a strategic joint venture, we can now produce this bike, it is exciting. Our linked rear suspension is aluminum, our very simple frame is very stiff and light weight. Our components are proven performers and the design is freshly completed just a few months ago. CCW has partnered with the best to bring some of the freshest and newest designs to market.”

“We are already shipping this bike outside the USA. We are awaiting EPA approval in the next few weeks/months for this product. When we get closer to the release in the USA, we will release details about the bike. Until then, we can not say too much. It is hard selling to the world  as many times the USA is not first to have to product. There are many regulations we have to meet in the USA and we take that very seriously. A product does not launch in the USA until all compliance is met and we are certain the bikes will favor the US population. There are many changes the bikes need for USA homologation versus EEC and Africa, etc. Every country comes with it’s own set of rules.”

“Whats next? CCW will continue to develop our classic range, as well as develop some very forward-looking designs. The Hooligun is still a little safe (design wise) for my taste, but hey, we have to start somewhere. We aggressively developed a full line of bikes over the last three years and we are going to back off the gas a little bit on new designs, to ensure the build quality and part quality stays high. There are still a few new bikes in the works, but with the Heist, Misfit, Ace and Hooligun now on the market, we are proud to have a full line of excellent bikes to sell and get more people riding.”

“It is too easy to hop into a cage. Hopefully riding becomes more accessible to more people and kids start thinking about buying their first bike instead of a first car.”

  • Mark D

    So…is CCW hiring? The thought of having somebody who would issue that “press release” as a boss is mighty appealing.

    Looking forward to what CCW can do, and to their “modern” bikes; are we to expect some sort of fully-faired sports bike?

    • Ceolwulf

      500cc single ultralight sportbike, make it happen!

      • Kyle

        Yea I wouldn’t mind putting my engineering schoolingbto good use. And god, lightweight 500cc sounds amazing

  • nick

    Scotty boy……….keep it up man.
    As far as the design past goes, yeah not forward looking as you would like (I know you can do better) but you’re on the right path.
    Get CCW established first my freind, then pop out some crazy show bikes or the like……….a salt flat racer would be a good idea.

  • Devin

    Does anyone know if U.S. legal = Canadian legal?

    • JonB

      I believe that answer is no.

    • michael uhlarik

      US legal means nothing in Canada without Transport Canada type approval, but why not ask them? I have found TC to be very polite and easy to communicate with.

      For more information as they will need to issue a vehicle(s) a National Safety Mark. You may contact them at:

      In Ontario :
      To purchase a copy of the Highway Traffic Act, please contact:

      Publications Ontario , Toll Free: 1-800-668–9938 or (416) 326‑5300, Web site:

      • Devin

        Information saved, ty.

    • fasterfaster

      Not automatically no, but Canada utilizes the US DOT handbook page for page (great way to save money), so a bike that meets US DOT will meet TC once it’s been submitted for approval.

      Another interesting quirk is that in the US, compliance is self-reported, but in Canada it’s verified. They let the US spend the money creating the standards and then they spend the money making sure MFGs actually meet them.

  • Emmet

    I told myself I would never buy a new motorcycle, but this bike is very tempting… I’ll have to see it in person sometime.

  • gregorbean

    I’m a little surprised at the price. As a supermoto fan I’ve been looking forward to details about this bike. I’m definitely surprised that it’ll be the most expensive bike in the CCW line. I was expecting it to be the cheapest. Scotty (or Wes or Grant if you know the answer), I know you’re reading this, can you let us know why it’s significantly higher in price than the others? Better components? The redesign/redevelopment you’re hinting at? I’m thinking you may have a hard time picking off first time buyers that can easily find a nicely modded used DRZ for that price or a used mostly stock DRZ for less. Don’t take any of this as criticism, just a sincere concern as a fan of what you’re doing. I wish you all the success you’re due and look forward to seeing one of these in person.

    • Filipe

      i’m wondering the same thing. got my DRZ400SM for less than that…

  • DougD

    Looks pretty sharp. I hear him on that “If we launched CCW with some futuristic designs that really pushed the envelope of current motorcycle design, then we would have met our ultimate death” line. So many of those wildly fuel-efficient cars that come out these days look like goddamn spaceships and are, therefore, unappealing before even test driving.

  • Taco

    I’m all over this bike so long as the seat isn’t too towering for my short(30″inseam) ass. Plus I like when a CEO has a potty mouth.

    • robotribe

      Here here, on both counts.

      • Kevin

        Me three.

  • Myles

    Awesome ending quote.

  • Footshifted

    I don’t think I remember giving you rights to put a picture of my fat ass on your site??? JK – Talking with Scott at the show, I can tell you he’s a great guy, full of passion for what he does and has a great vision. Kudos to him and I wish him lots of luck.

  • slowestGSXRever

    I like everything about this bike except that the sticker on the side says “Tha hooligun” instead of “The hooligun” or just “hooligun”. Do we really need a “Tha” in front of the name?

    • BeastIncarnate

      I like that you’re okay with “hooligun” but take offense at “tha”. To me, that’s awesome. I agree, though. It’s a cool looking bike, but damn if I wouldn’t be scrambling to try to remove that name as soon as possible.

    • markbvt

      Yeah, they need to stop misspelling things. That doesn’t make it cool. The bikes are cool all by themselves.

    • JonB

      I also have to agree. I mean CCW no disrespect but the intentional misspellings are a bit much for me.

    • ike6116

      I also love me some CCW but I think the first thing I would do is to scratch off the horrible “tha”

    • Nick

      Lol I’m with you guys. Love tha bike, hate tha name.

      • Scott-jay

        Or, fools like me read its THA sorta like Harley’s FLH model lingo.

    • scottydigital

      Common terms are not trademark worthy. “the Misfit” for example is damn near impossible……..

      “tha”, and “hooligun”, when spelled incorrectly are easier to trademark, especially when combined. “the Hooligan” is not easy….. “tha Hooligun” is. Now you understand the reasoning.

      • dux

        Well, whatever tha reason, if that’s the only criticism we can muster, you did an excellent job. Be damn proud!

      • slowestGSXRever

        Gottcha, I can understand that. Just know that if I buy one I’ll scratch off the “Tha” part of the sticker :)

  • BeastIncarnate

    Very cool. Thanks for keeping an eye on CCW, guys, I’m enjoying the updates.

  • Tony

    Dudes, ain’t that a Nazi Eagle in “Tha Hooligun” Logo?

    • Mark D

      I see a Navajo Thunderbird, actually.

      But yeah, its a bit Fascist Eagle, too. The 30s were a strange time, you see that style on a bunch of old American Gov’t buildings built back then.

    • Cajun58

      You might want to consider the possibility that you have watched “Hitlers Bodyguard” too many times.

      • Tony

        Nope… I saw these eagles first hand. My grandparents brought these home as WWII trophies.

  • Beale

    If you guys pick up a dealer in LA/Orange County, that dual sport will be my next bike.

    • Devin

      In a previous article, Scotty mentioned the boys were going to try and get on a Heist while they were in Cali, so you may be in luck.

  • holdingfast

    oh my, if you ever release “the hool” in switzerland, i would get one.. immediately. awesome. congrats!

  • Mattro

    i’m totally sold on CCW to the point of being absolutely ready to pull the trigger on a heist or ace pre-order, but, i have to play the asshole card and address something i’ve seen in everything scott has written or posted: the difference between “then” and “than”.

    “then” indicated sequence — one thing THEN another. as in, one thing happens, THEN the other.

    “than”, however, indicates contrast and difference. one thing is more or less THAN something else. as in this bike is more interesting THAN many others.

    it’s just a glaring, recurring error in what are always otherwise honest, compelling statements or comments from the man behind a company we’re all obviously interested in. really, this is to help, not to nitpick.

    • Core

      Your heart is in the right place. . .

      But, he has bigger fish to fry.

      Although I thank you, because I am going to write that down for reference.

      • Mattro

        like i said, definitely not trying to be a dick, but it’s a simple adjustment that a lot of people still think means a lot in terms of professionalism and attention to detail.

        one less chink in the armor is always a good thing.

        • randy

          I think most see that as constructive. I personally couldn’t have told you the denotation of either and yet consider myself fairly well spoken.

          I use than on occasion but don’t really remember the correct grammatical usage from school.

          On the motorcycle side I’m liking (a lot) that street/trail bike.

  • scottydigital

    Wes, as I am not completely versed in talking to “press”. I was not aware you were going to use my conversation verbatim…. I would have cleaned it up quite a bit, and actually revised and checked for grammar. Lesson learned, haha, guess everything is on the record. :)

    Guys, we Homologated our overhead cam motor for the USA. It is much larger, has a linear torque curve, (and more HP) then the standard overhead valve motor. If the US is accepting to this motor, and the slightly raised retail price, we will continue with this motor next year.

    • Wes Siler

      Gotcha journalism at its finest.

      I kid. Scott, you represent your company better than virtually ever other motorcycle person simply by being real. Your message resonates because you’re not full of shit.

      • noone1569

        I agree with Wes here. We like CCW because it is real. We like Scott because he is real. This will go a lot further in selling your bikes than beautiful, error free press releases.

      • BeastIncarnate


  • adeysworld

    Sounds like my kinda guy. Ambitious and doesn’t give a fuck about what everyone else thinks. I’ll support. Send one my way and I’ll do it’s name justice.

  • Adrian

    Will there be an option to put this motor in the Ace?

  • Core

    I like the owner of Cleveland CycleWerks personality, he seems level headed, determined, and adventurous, and doesn’t let the regulations overwhelm him and freeze him in fear.

  • contender

    I am excited by this. Deciding on one of these or a second hand WR. Is there an estimated release date yet?

  • brutus

    sorry but if i were in the market i’d have to wait for a long term test before i spent my hard earned cash on it….

  • jp182

    If it has a slightly higher top speed than tha heist. I’m sold. I’d love to ride this bike to work every day but I have to get on the highway.

  • ken

    Good to see the bike is finally emerging. NOW get the Canadian approvals in place. Don’t let Johnny Pag show you up. They sell here, it can’t be that hard to get the approvals in place


    This is a bike made in china. Same as the pocket bikes. I don’t expect much reliability out of one of those. Too bad. It was too good to be true.

    • BeastIncarnate

      So the country is unable to produce decent products? Last I checked, Scorpion helmets and gear were a recommended option, while most consumer electronics also come from there. Read previous CCW features for the full explanation, but the short of it is that good products are entirely possible with good oversight and partnerships.

      I think everyone is wary, of course, but don’t write them off entirely.