Designing the BMW K1600GT

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The BMW K1600GT/GTL is significant not just because of its huge 1,649cc engine, surprisingly low price or raft of tech features. It marks the first time BMW’s contemporary automobile design language has been applied to two wheels. Angel eyes? Check. LED ribbon taillights? Check. Inline-six included as a design element? Check. Chrome number badges? Check. But, unlike the new 5-series, 7-series or Z4, the big K doesn’t look bulbous or misproportioned. It actually looks smaller than it is. Here’s a glimpse at the design sketches and clay modeling process which made that happen.

  • NitroPye

    I must say I’m not in the market for one of these but I am continually impressed by it. From price to specs.

    • Wes Siler

      Same here, not my sort of thing really, but you have to admire it.

    • Ben

      Agreed. My dad has a k1200gt and I think it is a fantastic bike, despite being way to big for my tastes. This seems to be a very similar weight. Should be a fantastic bike and I’d love to ride one.

    • Pete

      The simple act of releasing a new model with several important improvements over the previous model at a LOWER price is significant. BMW remains one of the bike makers doing it right. I will never buy a K1600, but it reinforces my respect for BMW.

  • Ben

    You listed the inline-six as a design element transferred from BMW’s cars. If memory serves, they just released info that they will no longer make their inline-six, but instead will now use more economical turbo-charged fours. Now that could be fun in a bike…

    • dux

      Hell yes! We need low-pressure turbos to make a comeback on bikes. I’ve been following and ADVRider thread about a KTM 950 getting blown and it makes the old welding trigger finger itchy.

    • Chris

      BMW isn’t going to stop making inline 6′s anytime soon, they’ve built their entire brand on them. true they are introducing some new turbo 4′s but the inline 6′s aren’t going anywhere. And I fully agree, I want to see a supersport bike with an infintissimally small turbo 4-banger putting out power on par with the current crop of 600′s but with fuel economy that would make a Honda Cub blush.

  • Eben

    Actually, this isn’t the first time the car department influenced the bike department. The classic K-bikes had the iconic BMW kidney radiator grille.