Erik Buell Racing teases 1190RS

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Erik Buell Racing just posted this photo to their Facebook page. Presumably, it shows the headlight of the EBR 1190RS, the company’s new street bike. No text accompanied the photo, but we spoke to Erik two days ago and he told us he’s trying to have the bike ready in time for the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis on February 18.

The 1190RS is based on the EBR 1190RR race bike that you can see here. Essentially, it’ll be this 1190RR with lights, a street-legal exhaust and other road-going niceties.

The 1190RR makes 185hp at its rear wheel thanks to an 1190cc Rotax v-twin that’s based on the engine from the Buell 1125R, but converted by hand in EBR’s Wisconsin garage. It weighs 360lbs (wet) and retails for $44,900.

When we interviewed Erik back in October he explained that the 1190RS would be very small volume and come with a very high price tag. He floated the $39,995 Ducati 1198 R as being in the price ballpark and suggested the RS will come with a similarly high specification.

“It’s going to be low volume production,” Erik told us. “I mean tiny. I just don’t have the money to buy anything. But we can get the [1125] engines from Rotax, we’re going to have to convert them into an 1190 ourselves.”

While he was still at Harley, it was actually Erik’s plan to release the 1190RS before the 1125R as a halo bike for the brand and an effective Superbike racer. “If we had raced the 1125RR as an 1190 superbke first and then come out with the 1125R, with the higher higher handlebars and the bigger fairing and the saddlebags — which is really what that bike was, a sports touring model, but things got mixed around by management — would it have sold better? No freaking doubt,” said Erik in October. “I will go to my grave believing that we made a mistake.”

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This teaser video was released last September.

“Plans are to have it at the Indy show,” said Erik on Wednesday afternoon. “But man is it a squeeze to make that. Simply behind getting all the suppliers up to speed.”

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  • Deltablues

    360lbs wet is very impressive. That is what my Daytona 675 weighs dry and the 1190 makes 60hp more than my Daytona. Interesting.

  • rohorn

    This isn’t the Blast R endurance racer?

    • 2ndderivative

      Good for a chuckle.

  • dux

    Geez. Excited!

  • smoke4ndmears

    looks like the lighter multi-spoked front wheel.

  • 2ndderivative

    I’m going to wishfully construe what he said as “there will be a sport-touring version of the 1190RS”. Yes please!

    Note that this fantasy is based on light sport touring (e.g. Sprint ST or Bandit 1250), not heavy sport touring (Concours, K1300GT).

    • seanslides

      With not a lot of extra work, you can set-up pretty much any sport bike as a sport tourer. Helibars, custom hard-bag mounts, and maybe grip heaters? You could easily do all that for under a grand.

      • smoke4ndmears

        you could also retro-fit the 1125 fairings and handlebars onto it depending on the radiator set up. or just get a 1125 and have EBR work the motor and suspension… probably the cheaper route!

      • Myles

        Hell yeah you can setup any bike as a sport tourer.

  • Paul

    mmmmmmmm sexy

  • andehans

    Looks like the 999′s American cousin.

  • je

    Erik… I heart you.

    • Cajun58


  • noone1569

    I sure hope they bring this to Indy.

    Any chance HFL is coming to Indy for the expo? If so, beer is on me!

    • Wes Siler

      Thanks, but we’re spending the month in LA instead of freezing our asses off in that whole winter thing.

      • noone1569

        Saw that, bastards. Supposed to be 40 here this weekend. Definitely cracking the bike out.