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Evoking the simple act of saddling a motorcycle as an adventure and subtly embracing the superhero image riders subconsciously adopt, these images manage to convey two-wheeled action without resorting to the cliched guy-taking-corner shot. Created for the “Get On” campaign BMW is using to drive anticipation for the riding season, the motorcycles are bathed in a heavenly light beam, portraying them as salvation from months of cabin fever or the light at the end of winter’s tunnel.

  • robotribe

    I get what they’re trying to convey, and appreciate the creative effort. HOWEVER, a few of these images when looked at from another perspective, could be interpreted as if the rider(s) just got thrown off the bike.


    • BeastIncarnate


    • Case

      I concur.
      For me it’s about the angle of the shot. When I see a rider off the bike viewed from below, or at ground level, it looks like a crash. From above (as in the image used for the headline) it looks more comic book, superhero-esque. So I liked the first image, and didn’t care for the rest.

    • Johndo

      that was my first thought indeed.

      • stempere

        While i agree with your point, the last one is to me as clear as the firt one. The position is so dramatic it works.

    • RideHappy

      With all due respect, I completely disagree. The campaign is “Get On”. In conjunction with the photos, I don’t think there could be room for misinterpretation. As images alone, the positioning of the riders looks too staged to appear as if they are anything but falling/jumping onto the bikes. Bikes and riders look much different during a crash.

  • Glenngineer

    Each bike looks nice, especially the RR, but the KGT has been shopped to the point of pinkness.

  • RWerksman

    It looks like they’re attacking the bike, ninja style!

    Put a pristine bike in the middle of a freshly paved black driveway flanked by flowers and birds and tons of sunshine and maybe even some sporadic big puffy white clouds. Show me spring, not ninjas — that’ll make me want to ride. Hell, just typing it makes me want to.

    Bavarian Mad Men fail. :(

    • Devin

      Hey, you know that ’90′s song “Millions of Peaches”, where at the end of the video, the singer yells “look-out!” and ninjas drop out of trees at the band… yeah, that’s what this reminded me of. Except the ninjas want Beemer, not peaches.

  • ike6116

    Yeah get it on, got to get it on, no choice but to get it on, MANDATE: GET IT ON.



    just “Get on”?


  • Kentaro

    I’m thinking about buying a new GS 1200 adventure next week, if they come out with some new financing/cash back promotion I will be pissed.

    Does $19,640 out the door including 6% tax sound good for a demo with 2500 miles? Any insight appreciated.

    • Wes Siler

      In the US?! MSRP is $17k.

      • Kentaro

        Yes in the US – MSRP is 17k but it’s got the “premium package” for what it’s worth.

  • Charlie

    That’s a good campaign. I would love to sample one of those K16 GT’s.