Jorge Lorenzo, human

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When Jorge Lorenzo wins races, we think of him as an alien. His awkward Rossi-mimicking, post-race celebrations makes us think of him as a dork. Now, Jamie Robinson from MotoGeo shows the World Champion isn’t either, he’s a human being.

  • Turf

    A*/Yammi propaganda

    Honda tried this with pedrosa…but he short circuited during the interview

  • eric

    I wish i was sliding the tail out on motorcycles when i was ten!

  • dux

    What did he say? Can we get a transcript of that?

  • Patrick

    I’m a huge Rossi fan and a bit of a Lorenzo hater, but that was actually quite nice… Seems like an OK guy.

  • gregorbean

    For some reason I still don’t like him. Oh well.

  • Case

    :: wanking motion ::

  • RT Moto

    The video is great. I no doubt think that he is human. Ben Spies will for sure show us that next year.

    /Not a Hater

  • ontheroad

    I don’t know about Lorenzo. I don’t want to dislike him just yet, but sometimes he makes it so hard not to… bedazzled helmets, moon suits, hopelessly queer custom Nikes… you’re a damn good rider Jorge, but go easy on the Liberace thing.

    Spies FTW.

    • Mr.Paynter

      If you look closely in Rossi’s books etc he often rocks nikes, not queer custom ones but Dunk highs and stuff are often around!

      *Sneaker/Rossi fan.