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Based on the true story of a life-changing motorcycle trip for five octogenarian Taiwanese men, this video poses the question, “What do you live for?” That’s as poignant a summation of the reason for motorcycles as any we’ve heard.

Update: more info and a video of the real-life events.

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Update: so this commercial references 2007 events which saw a group of 80+ riders circle Taiwan on scooters during a 13-day trip. Lai Ching-yen, the leader of the pack, said, “Young people and the rest of society doesn’t think much of the elderly, believing that when people grow old they become useless. Therefore, we the elderly must be brave so that we can change the society’s opinions of us.”

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Above is a trailer from a documentary (thanks, Stempere) that was created during the ride. The ad’s diagnosis of the riders’ frail physical condition appears to be accurate.

Thanks for the tip, Ilya.

  • Skank NYCF

    No helmets or gear? Squids.

    • pinkyracer

      It’s Asia. a helmet is really overkill there. Besides, when you’ve lived that long and have already been given a death sentence (cancer), what’s a little road rash?

      that was so beautiful. totally got me. but it’s an ad for a bank. ugh.

      • Skank NYCF

        I know, I was kidding.

  • ike6116

    You’d think with their age and wisdom they’d know something as fundamental as ATGATT

    edit: FUCK I GOT BEAT TO IT!

    • Wes Siler


  • Zach

    Watched twice. Teared up twice.

  • mugget

    Haha – that’s some good old guy Taiwanese acting there. Those expressions are great.

  • andehans

    “Let’s ride motorcycles!”. Great!

  • dirtridingBil

    Inspirational. They should make a movie of it.

    • stempere

      Apparently there’s a short documentary called Go Grandriders about the whole story.
      It seems the real story is less on the Steve McQueen side than the commercial (orange vests and scooters are involved).

      Here’s the trailer:

  • stackhousehouse

    Taiwanese Wild Hogs.

    • robotribe

      Like Wild Hogs, but GOOD.

  • stempere

    1139 km took them 13 days?
    Sweet ad nonetheless.
    Gives me an urge to grab my keys…

    • Robbo B

      At their age, there’d be a lot of toilet stops!

  • Devin

    Ugh.. screw you winter!

  • DoctorNine

    I guess they edited out the part where they were blocking all traffic on that long, straight stretch of two-lane, going 25KPH under the speed limit like a pack of tortoises. It’s just not as heroic, seeing them weaving back and forth with their left blinker perpetually going, when viewed from behind in a delivery van that really needs to get somewhere.

    Born To Be Mild!

  • Core

    My ice cold heart melted a little bit…I cried a little and gave a sniffle.. But it was ALL MANLY!

    Awesome vid.

  • carter

    Why is it TC Bank seems to understand more about why we ride than some motor companies do?

    • Ross

      Because TC Bank doesn’t need to sell motorcycles and make a profit.

  • 2ndderivative

    Totally manipulative, totally awesome.

  • ktaisa

    The Taiwanese 12 O’clock boyz???

  • zato1414

    Alright, proof there is hope for us old Harley gummers! Did you see that guy crack the throttle wide open? Hope his wrist is ok…

  • slowtire

    They decided to enjoy what’s left of their lives, instead of sitting around bitching. Good for them.

  • dan

    F$cking A!. people ask me all the time why I started riding again in my 50′s. Now I can show them the video . Ride like you stole it.

    • moby grape


  • scottydigital

    I have never understood why people turn into boring sacks of shit when they get old. I almost killed myself at the sk8 park last month and people are like you are to old for that shit. Mine as well die now if we are too old to enjoy what we love…right? That is fucking rad, who cares if it is advert, pretty cool, and I am sure these cats had more fun then they have had in the past 30 years!

    • Ilya

      Scotty, you should give more thoughts on who is your target audience ;-)

      • pavinguire

        Scott knows it’s us over 40 types who love what he’s doing with the small bike revival; we love the Russian Iron too, Ilya, no worries!

  • Vasily

    Very positive movie. I have called my parents.

  • gregorbean

    I used to hate on old people a lot in my teens and early twenties. “Old people are like, old, and stuff.” Now that I’m in my thirties, old people are still funny to me, but I have a lot of respect for their wisdom and simple ways of life. They go slow because they know there’s no rush. They’ve seen it all, and they just want to eat, sleep, and enjoy their time. Nothing wrong with that. I do dig it when they stay in shape and still do cool shit after they’ve long since “supposed to have stopped that.” Ride on old dudes.

    • RocketSled

      You’re young for a bit, but old for a long LONG time. (Look at that kid…he’s a _senior_, in High School! Man that’s old!)

  • pavinguire

    Ding Hao!

  • Mark D

    That made me tear up even worse than that SPCA commercial with all the stray cats and dogs.

    Next time I see an old guy and his wife of 45 years on a Goldwing or a Road King, I’m going to give them an extra big wave and smile, because they’re what its all about.

    • stempere

      A few month ago, while waiting at a gas station for some friend whome i was supposed to ride with for a few hundred kilometers i met two couples, both in their 50′s, both riding golwings. Not my usual crowd. Living in paris, i’m more used to squids in limited edition sneakers riding 848′s, but i talked with them for a while and really enjoyed their company. They where just nice people, who enjoyed riding during the weekend, with the comfort of bikes suited for their age and lower back issues. Knowing i’ll be joining their ranks sooner that i would like i did though something among those lines (“they’re what its all about”)..
      (sorry if that doesn’t make sense, english is not my first language and i’m pretty drunk…)

  • Tim

    +1 Stempere. “english is not my first language and i’m pretty drunk” is my new favorite quote

  • Jose

    +2 Stempere.
    I´m from the Argentinean Patagonia.

  • JRl

    This reminded me of the Top Gear episode where Jeremy and gang ride across Vietnam on scooters. haha.