Nick Brocha x Ernie Vigil x Grand Canyon x Winter

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So Nick Brocha and Ernie Vigil are big name stunters. They can out-drift RX-7s and pull 12 o’clock wheelies all day long. But you know what’s a big deal to them? Riding on the road when it’s cold and wet. It’s easy to forget that the professional motorcycle athletes we admire for their skill and bravery often consider our typical day-to-day riding too dangerous. Watch this video and remember that you’re a hero too.


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via Ernie Vigil

  • Miles Prower

    If you jump to the end, you realize it’s a 7-min ad for ICON.

    • Wes Siler

      Eh. Repping your sponsors is just a reality of life in 2011.

    • jpenney

      What cool activity isn’t an ad in some way? Racing, skateboarding, bicycling, etc. The way to get paid is to shill for something.

    • Miles Prower

      I wasn’t complaining. I think it’s actually fantastic that this is one giant product placement exercise. For brands, this is a very powerful way of connecting with your consumers; and for consumers, this is a way of connecting to your aspirational heroes, and therefore to the brands they represent.

      (This also happens to be my day job — not the riding part, but the connecting-brands-with-consumers part.)

      The branding aspect of this film is very subtle (versus Red Bull style), and therefore, it’s successful in portraying the “heroes” as sincere guys — people like us. Likewise, the branding message itself comes off sincerely. Well done.

      • iconmotosports

        Not that we’re above it, but this wasn’t a product placement exercise. Nick and Ernie wanted to go for a ride, and they just so happen to know some guys who make some gear, so they hit us up. We didn’t “commission” this video. This is all them having fun.

        • Brammofan

          The video was fun – who can resist a road trip? And I’m convinced that it wasn’t a “product placement exercise.” The forgoing message by iconmotorsports, however, was brought to you by Limiter, “your daily dose of the Icon lifestyle.”

          Oh, and the previous sentence? It was brought to you by Brammo – “Saving the world, two wheels at a time.”

          Oh, and the background of this message? Brought to you by Icon and Brammo – Providers of protective gear and electric motorcycles for the 2011 Rollerball XX Championships.

          All rights reserved. Copyright 2011.

        • Miles Prower

          Bad assumption on my part that it was paid product placement. In any case, it’s still a successful branding message, even if there was no money spent (and just “review units” sent). In the end, everyone wins. The “stars” get recognition, the brand earns props, the consumers are brought into the “feel good” moment, and motorcycling fans are entertained. All the right touchpoints are still hit.

    • adrenalnjunky

      If that amount of marketing (which is negligible in this video)bothers you – stay locked up at home with the TV off. Other than a few shots with an icon logo visible, you wouldn’t have known – hell even right at the end when they said “the gear test went great” they didn’t mention a name brand.

      get over it.

      • Miles Prower

        Are you telling me to quit my day job? ;)

        • Michael

          Hm. Don’t recall you actually saying it bothered you, Miles. Did you?

          Kind wierd everyone jumping on your ass over a simple and 100% correct observation.

  • Frosty_spl

    Icon makes cool videos that are entertaining and enjoyable. Thumbs up from me.

  • Alex

    That video was entirely shot by Nick & Ernie with Ernie handling editing duties.

    Fun stuff boys. What it’s all about!

  • markbvt

    What the hell are they complaining about? If it was warm enough out for the roads to be wet instead of frozen, I’d be riding every day.

    Maybe next time they should stud their tires and plan a trip up to Vermont in the winter. :)

  • Sean

    Great video, and I’ve been considering the Icon Patrol gear and after seeing this will be buying it. It also really has me looking forward to some late winter/early spring rides in western MA and southern VT!

  • stabmaster

    I actually like those icon jackets alot.

    • Mark D

      They’re really nice. Off the bike, they’d just look like high-end snowboarding jackets. Cool stuff, Icon gear impresses me more and more each time they come out with a new line. Seems like they can actually design without crazy Ed Hardy graphics, too.

  • Sasha Pave

    Is it just me or is it kind of anticlimactic?

    • Alex

      Heh. Funny b/c the main point of doing the whole trip, seeing the Grand Canyon, was totally scuttled by the weather. As the guys tell it the whole trip was anticlimactic in that sense.

      Go through all the planning, meeting up, riding, get there to see one of the Wonder of the World and all you see is 10′ in front of you and a gray wall of fog.

      Anticlimactic! :)

  • Jim

    Great video, good to see people having fun on and off the bike

  • Kevin

    A little warning not to be eating lunch when watching this might have been nice. I’m sure a toiletful of yak sauce had artistic significance in this documentary, whatever. Just a little heads up next time, fellas.

    • Michael

      The puke is essential to the plot.

    • ursus

      Yeah, the binge and purge was a negative.

  • T Diver

    My work internet connection sucks.

  • Ben

    “It had been years since either of us had ridden on the streets…”

    Wait, these guys don’t ride on the streets? Is it just me that finds that odd?

    • Alex

      Most professional motorcycle riders don’t ride on the street.

      • seanslides

        Look up Eric Bostrom on Cafe Racer TV. Full-on squid gear.

  • seanslides

    Those jackets don’t look all that bad. As a long time Icon hater, that’s saying a lot.

  • Noah

    Wasn’t able to find anything entertaining whatsoever about that video.

    • desmoworks

      Agreed… nothing really happened. Just a group of people riding in weather – happens every day.

  • RSassi

    I used to love riding up to Prescott. That part of Arizona is the tits.

  • Turf

    200 miles on a hyper…do the math thats….14ish stops for fuel :)

    god I love that bike and it’s tiny fuel tank.

    • holdingfast

      I do have to say, that Ducati is looking pretty effin good!
      fun vid!

    • Mark D

      Its an excuse to stretch the legs and take a leak!

  • mugget

    nice. I was actually expecting them to talk more about Icon. I mean the only reason I know them so well is because they’re Icon riders.

    I’ll admit I was also hoping to see more mad riding, but I guess there’s only so much you can do when it’s snowing and you’re hungover. :O

  • NickK

    Wow. I’ve been hardcore my entire life, and never even knew it.

  • Bronson

    Good video. Makes me want to take a road trip. (I’d like one of those jackets too)