Photos: Ducati Diavel does Marbella

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The Ducati Diavel is being launched to the world’s respectable motorcycle press in Marbella this week. While they polish off some mediocre Rioja and warm up their press release regurgitation skills, you can peruse the photos that’ll run in their magazines in, oh, about four months’ time.

  • miles_prower

    Yup, it’s still ugly.

  • Johndo

    Slowly starting to accept the concept. Still not a great looking bike even if I like some of the features (like the headers). One thing’s for sure, if I were to buy a custom, I’d buy this over an H-D anytime…

  • Charlie

    Exactly…the blonde is good, rig bad. Maybe they get a few Vrod buyers – the first few will sell – but this has R1200C written all over it. And I’m sure it’s a hoot to ride. But ugly doesn’t sell. It’s a logical segment to harvest, but I also wonder if it does more damage to the brand than good.

    • ontheroad

      I agree, but for the sake of all that is good in the world of motorbikes, let us never again utter the name of that foul German atrocity, nor it’s monstrous siblings, the CL and Montauk. May they be forever banished to the obscurity of BMW rallies and film trivia. I won’t be surprised if this pig in Duc’s clothing meets a similar fate.

  • Turf

    Sticking with my statement that it’s just the Ducati Indiana Part Deaux

  • Uncle

    I can’t believe it, but I have to say it’s growing on me…

    • Ted

      So does mold… ;)

  • Brammofan

    Photo #9 of 23 makes the bike look like a pocket rocket . . . or the blonde is a Giantess. Grant- can I get a ruling on this?

    • Wes Siler

      You mean #10? I’ve seen the Diavel and sat on it, it’s very low.

      • Brammofan

        #10 is problematic, too, but #9 is the big offender. The image name is: 5413438465_e196372118_b.jpg Look at it for awhile. Maybe it’s just me.

        • Grant Ray

          I’m betting she’s a solid 5’9″ if not taller.

        • BeastIncarnate

          It’s not just you. I couldn’t help but laugh, because your description is completely accurate. My money’s on a bad photoshop job if you look at her legs. Her thighs are perfectly straight, as if on a chair, and her calves appear cartoonishly thin. Sure, they’re still twice the size of Mini-Diavel, but oh man. Fantastic!

          • Brammofan

            Okay, so at least I’m not the only one. Grant, I was looking for a ruling on whether the perspective was being monkeyed with, not the height of the Amazon Princess. You either have to get out of that California sun or maybe get a partial refund from KCAI.

  • JonB

    The rule of 50—from 50 feet away, or at 50mph, it starts to look good.

  • Ian

    Does anyone else have a problem viewing the galleries. About 1/5 of the time, they come up as super-micro thumbnails for me. I’m running an “up to date” version of XP and Firefox.
    Doesn’t happen on the Macbook, with Safari and 10.6.

    • BeastIncarnate

      No problems on XP+Firefox for me. You running any kind of ad or script blocker that might be interfering?

    • Eric

      Yeah, I get that too. One teeny image in the top center of the window. The last time it happened I just closed it and re-opened – all was well.
      Firefox user here too.

    • brutus


    • Wes Siler

      It’s an occasionally occurring bug that we’re aware of and are trying to track down. I think it might be a loading speed issue.

      The good news is that if you click that stupid little thumbnail it’ll expand and you can then click through the entire gallery just by clicking that image for the next.

  • Stephen

    ugly SOB…. at least in the pictures!

  • Deltablues

    Hey! HFL may not be “respectable”, but we still love you guys! Chin Up!

  • Dan

    From what I can gather about this bike and what I see, all this bike needs to be a big sales hit is for some guy in his own garage to buy one one do a little work to it. Then another, and then maybe a custom shop gets ahold of one and……

    By the way, I am a home garage guy and I hereby volunteer. I will be needing sponsors.

    I can see one hell of a bad assed pro street/sport tourer hidin in the Diavel.

  • Cajun58

    If HFL ever becomes respectable that would be a very sad day indeed. And somehow the big Duck looks better in these pic’s.

  • robotribe

    Alright. I’ll fess up: in person, it’s actually not that bad. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say it’s appeal isn’t totally lost on me. It was at the Long Beach (CA) motorcycle show in December and in person, it looked pretty good. This is a complete 180 for me having previously only seen it in photos. As far as so-called “muscle bikes” are concerned, it’s TINY. Given that, it almost looks spritely–dare I say, “sporty”. It’s comfortable to sit on too.

    Full disclosure: I’m 5’8″ with moto boots on, so it’s positive effect on me might have something to do with that. Would I choose it over a Sport Classic or the next Street Triple? Probably not. But in 10 years when I’m staring 50 (oh god) in the eyes, I can’t say this type of bike wont be totally implausible to my middle-aged tastes.

  • gt1

    Photo #10 shows a couple, both with helmets. It is also very clear that the bike has no pillion seat or pegs. Is this a “dump you old bike and your old girlfriend” story?

  • dan

    Be honest, I sat on this bike at the IMS in NYC. Looks much better in person and having a 30″ inseam, I like the low seat. The foot pegs are right under you too not too forward like a cruiser. ABS, traction control, 150 hp, starting to look good. Oh yeah, the cafe racer piece comes off so a you can take a passenger.

  • DoctorNine

    I’d rather have a V-rod.
    And I don’t even like them.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Image 17 – Calvin Klein Tron Campaign

  • jason

    You can see the result of terreblanche leaving the design department at Ducati. They used to have such beautiful machines, now, ugly.

  • Charlie

    Hey…have you guys seen Kevin Ash’s review of the Diavel. Got my attention. Has HFL ridden this beast?

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, I just asked kev to write it up for us. Sounds like he liked it. As a publication with more readers than any if the print mags along with their websites combined, we don’t get invited on launches…

  • Nick

    Guys, the print mag stuff is getting a little dull…I’m sure everyone would be happy to read Kevin Ash’s review…might even get mr nesbitt to ride the bike…