Protects your back, not your bum

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Chris from BikeEXIF just sent this over. It’s an email marketing image from a UK retailer of what appears to be dodgy Pakistani bike gear. The first fail is obvious — marketing to a market dominated by men using a man’s butt seems oddly limiting. But, the message “The second best protection you’ll ever need” also falls surprisingly flat. Is there some sort of protection we’re not aware of that would shield our eyes from seeing this guy’s ass? Are they suggesting this chick has the clap? Is there a better spam filter available for Chris’s email?

Stern Protection

  • Mark D

    Also, isn’t “Second best protection” grammatically…well, if not incorrect, at least awkward?

    It should read, “The second MOST IMPORTANT protection you need”.

  • stempere

    There’s also a nice perspective fail, the guy, beeing in the front should be bigger than the girl.
    If this image is acurate, the girl is something like 8″ tall, maybe that’s why the guy needs protection…

  • Deep6Dive

    Is it just me or does he have some kind of swirl shaved into his head, I don’t think this guy needs any protection from VD from women….

  • Michael

    Cool ad. I use only a backprotector (+helmet of course); Track from Halvarssons. (real) Level 2 protection and winner of several tests;

  • seanslides

    I love it when people use poorly photoshopped images in serious attempts at marketing.

  • Kentaro

    I do like that woman’s tit.

    Everything else sucks.

    • Kevin

      Even that is totally photoshopped.

      But seriously–I could do without male ass in my advertisements altogether.

  • Chris Davis

    The back protector does have a double-ended shape to it. Just sayin’.

  • slowestGSXRever

    I like how incredibly fake the guy’s shadow looks on those blankets.

    • mugget

      Yeah, and the fact that image seems to show the woman as twice the size of the guy. Hahaha

  • UrbanRider

    Ha, I got sent this today too. Looks like the Saatchis have still got it.

  • boxofbits

    That’s almost as disturbing as the gixer tossing rednecks. I fear another night of broken sleep…

  • David


    - What’s going on with the guy’s hair?
    - Back protector looks like double ended dildo
    - What’s the slogan trying to say?
    - Why is that woman so big?