Protesters roast greek bike cop with molotov cocktail

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These photos demonstrate what it looks like to be set ablaze while riding a motorcycle. Thanks to speedy reactions from his colleagues, this cop escaped with only minor injuries, belying the dramatic nature of the photos.

Photos: AP

A small group of protestors began rioting during protests against government austerity measures in Athens on Wednesday, hurling chunks of pavement and marble at police. When riot cops began tackling protestors with their bikes, molotov cocktails were hurled.

The Greek economy was recently bailed out of bankruptcy by the European Union and International Monetary Fund and is now slashing spending on public programs and on the salaries and benefits of public sector workers.

15 policemen, including this motorcyclist, were injured during the riot.

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  • Bitgeist Racing

    Bitch deserved it. I personally do not agree with the what the Greeks where protesting about but why do these moronic cops think that there will be no consequences to running people over?

    • dux

      We’re from the IMF: we’re here to help (by putting you and your children into financial slavery).

      They always forget to mention that second part.

  • T Diver

    From some of the pics it looks like they are stunting (Stunning – whatever). I mean doing tricks. Poor motorcycle.

  • Brammofan

    Needs more pita bread and yogurt sauce.

    • Mark D

      Pork Kabobs, anybody?

  • aristurtle

    Motorcycle Safety Tip Of The Day: Do not attempt to ride your motorcycle over angry mobs armed with Molotovs.

    • Wes Siler

      Excellent advice.

    • Samuel

      +1 nice burn.

  • Scott Pargett

    All politics aside, that’s a pretty cool fight. A molotov cocktail might be the only retaliation that makes up for getting your ass kicked by a scooter.

  • markbvt

    That poor little Suzuki…

  • Glenngineer

    Some of you fuckers are amazing. If a day goes by and I don’t think to myself ‘fuck the police’, then something is wrong. They’re like any other slob on the street, but with guns and authority. Bad combination. But you don’t set anyone on fire, ever. Jesus fucking christ.

    • mcfaite


    • aristurtle

      Look, I wasn’t saying it’s okay to set people on fire or anything. I’m just saying it was a dumb way to ride. It’s like: if you ride on a big patch of ice, you’ll probably fall over. If you ride in a truck’s blind spot for a while, he might merge right into your lane. And if you try to ride over an angry mob, you might get lit on fire. Seriously, take the armored car instead.

    • Justin

      +1 i don’t condone douchebaggery like motorcycle cops using their bikes to herd people, but i hope they caught the SOB that threw that coctail and are charging him with attempted murder.

  • moby grape

    When you start throwing bricks you are no longer “protesting” Time to wade in with the Truncheons…or the Glock.

  • slowestGSXRever

    I gotta say, I’d be pretty angry if someone attempted to run me over with a scooter/cycle. I’m not saying I’d light them on fire, but… That’s a pretty unsafe thing to do. What happens if they trip and your wheels go over the protester’s head/neck/breakable bits.

  • David

    The title of this post should be.

    Ghost Rider blamed for Greek economic crisis.

  • CafeDucati

    For Real?

    You think that a guy that has a job that requires him to place himself in danger everyday; one day to quell a rampage deserves to be put on fire???

    FOR REAL?????

    Sure, our Police have an image problem as well, until you NEED one!!!!

    Have you never seen the State Patrol pull over to help a stranded Cager, or pull his/her vehicle at an angle to protect a motorcyclist on the side of the road?

    Granted, these are the same professionals that are issuing you and I the speeding tickets, but speeding is a CHOICE.

    But to give kudos to a burning public servant is downright shameful.

    Did you also spit on the Soldiers coming back from war?

    Did you feel the same way when your Uncle was injured in the line of duty as a Cop or Fireman,… or is it just that much easier to jump on the shit talking band wagon?

    • brutus

      Just because he works for someone doesn’t mean he can be devoid of his own moral decisions. Fucking don’t try and run people over…. It just ain’t right….

    • nick2ny

      I think that artificially low limits are a way the police can extract as much or as little revenue as they like. Did you know that Geico buys radar guns for cops so that they can issue tickets and Geico can raise rates?

      It’s dangerous to drive the speed limit on I-78 in NJ. If I were teaching my daughter to drive I would not tell her to go 65 on that stretch of road. She’d be over taken all day by trucks going 15-20mph faster.

      Why, oh why can’t we have a sensible gas tax, so cops can have enough money to patrol the roads and leave people alone with respect to victimless speed. You don’t even need better drivers training or more rigorous annual inspections. Everyone is _already_ driving 15-20 over and nobody is spontaneously flying off the road.

      The whole concept of “speeding” is pretty crazy. Reckless driving, I understand, and slowing people down through villiages too. But I’ll never get a ticket going the speedlimit in super snowy conditions–when I should _absolutely_ be getting tickets for inappropriate speed. The whole system is broken.

    • Markus

      This is not about speeding tickets. These are riot police in armour running people over on motorcycles. At least they’re not firing live ammo into the crowd, but Libia has got to be on your mind when you see this.

    • jeremy

      “Have you never seen the State Patrol pull over to help a stranded Cager, or pull his/her vehicle at an angle to protect a motorcyclist on the side of the road?”


  • gregorbean

    Those are some fucking amazing photos.

  • Terry

    Newly posted on Craig’s List Athens: “Suzuki DRZ, only dropped once, slight paint discoloration. $2000 OBO”

    I don’t care which gang you’re in, the government or the mob… Don’t write a check your ass can’t cash. Either they’ll think twice before trying to run over people, or they’ll bring something bigger than bikes next time.

    Humanity sucks.

  • CafeDucati

    So you are having a house party and the masses are beginning to ruin your house and destroy your belongings. You try to take action to keep the unruly group from destroying your home.

    You are hit on the head w a bottle.

    Does this mean you deserve it?

    Odd analogy but same point.

    Please, just take into account the damage involved and the glorification of that damage. Being hit with a scooter is not parallel for getting placed on fire.

    • stempere

      If the actions you take to stop it is running your guests over with a segway (trying to keep the analogy) then yes.
      The OK thing to do (with the protest not in the house party thing)? Use gaz or water canons or in extrem cases rubber bullets (aimed at legs not heads). Running people over, taking the risk of killing or seriously injuring them is not an appropriate answer to a mob throwing bricks (they miss a lot, you have shields and helmets).

      • Filipe


  • Nick

    Maybe it’s because I have family in the military but if you think it’s ok to throw rocks and fire at a police officer, I hope they run your ass over with something much bigger than a Suzuki.

    • Alex

      Yeah, because the police are always right huh? The police are gods gift to society and they have a god given right to run over protesters who are CLEARLY just whiny bitches.

  • James

    By the time you’re running people over, you’re not a police officer anymore.

  • Johndo

    I think if manifestation was pacific, chances are their wouldnt have been bricks or molotovs…weird that they had a motolov at hand…

    Not saying running people over with a bike is ok. But nothing justifies putting someone on fire, probably the worth death someone can have. Im not a cop and don’t encourage violent repression. But when people start throwing bricks and molotovs at you…you need to also expect police are gonna try to do something about it, and it might not be delicate.

  • zato1414

    Protesting is one thing, Mob Rule and playing with fire and instigating violence with bricks is another. For willful acts of attacking the police… you gotta pay! For being so stupid for getting caught and run over by a scooter, you deserve a knobby up the ass.

    Don’t forget, many European countries have police that are used to walking the streets with automatic weapons, and hell, that Scooter Hockey looked kinda fun.

  • NickK

    Don’t worry everybody, we’ll be seeing this over here soon

    Then we can sort out appropriate responses to being run over by a motorcycle cop.

  • ErikT

    I wonder how the police in Greece really feel…since they’re also government employees and likely belong to a union.