Spy Photo: Yamaha FZ8R

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A Lazer exhaust, maybe some “Ohlins” suspension and a big honkin’ “R” added to the badge. Middleweight nakeds are a hotly contested class in Europe and it looks like Yamaha’s getting in on the up-rated unclothed action, challenging bikes like the Triumph Street Triple R and Kawasaki Z750R. Jesus Christ, but doesn’t the motorcycle industry like to play follow-the-leader? Expect Yamaha FZ8R availability to be Surrender Monkey-only and performance to be largely identical to the stock bike.


  • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

    Apparently (as found in the source) this would be a french exclusive, Yamaha France directly modifing FZ8s with some components (fork seems to be the same).
    Who could blame them, here 650~800cc roadsters still sell by the truckload…

    • Ben

      “Expect Yamaha FZ8R availability to be Surrender Monkey-only…”

      Wes caught it. ;)

      • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

        Didn’t catch that, i’m not familiar with the expression.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate BeastIncarnate

    Follow the leader is right. I’m fine with it when the follower develops an improvement of some kind. Crap like the FZ8, though, disappoints me.

    Guy 1: “Hey, we need a middleweight naked!”
    Guy 2: “Well, we could castrate an FZ1!”
    Guy 1: “My god, that’s BRILLIANT! Lets call it a day.”

    • Ben

      You couldn’t be more wrong. :)
      I went in to look at one of these Monday and talked to salesmen about it. He thinks it’s a whole new engine. The engine characteristics are definitely changed. Lots of low-end punch that continues up into the higher revs unlike the peaky curve of a liter bike. They truly made an urban bike.

      • Glenngineer

        Your salesman saw you coming.

        • Ben

          Considering I go in there about once a week since I live on a nearby campus and like checking out the new used bikes? Probably. He’s always been very friendly to me despite the fact that my dad and I ride BMWs. I only used the term ‘salesman’ because I doubt you would know what a ‘Gean’ is.

      • Patrick

        It’s a new engine in the sense that the old R1 motor used to displace 1000cc instead of 800cc. I guess this route was cheaper than enlarging the old R6 motor used in the fz6. Should have used some of the money they saved on the motor for a real shock.

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee

    Wil Triumph just release a new Street Triple already so that the prices on used ones drop to where I want them.

  • robotribe

    Choutte. Un gros cheval avec un testical par Yamaha avec des chaussures de sport.

    • Kevin

      I am happy to provide this via Google Translate:

      “Owl. A big horse with a testical by Yamaha with sneakers.”

      • dux


      • robotribe

        Please excuse my failed attempt at Gallic humor: “Great. A fat horse with one testical by Yamaha wearing running shoes.”

        • DoctorNine

          Ahh.. the old reliable testicle jocularity saw. I’m going to coin a neologism, and now refer to all scrotal humor as ‘Testicularity’. Well done.

  • http://www.amarokconsultants.com michael uhlarik

    The Good News :

    YMF (Yamaha Motor France) used to be very good at making many VERY BAD special editions that ignored small details like professional design, fabrication, and getting permission from YME (Yamaha Motor Europe), the Boss. They no longer do this.

    The Bad News :

    In a climate where Yamaha is cutting workforce, closing factories, slashing budgets etc., expect this to be what we call a “soft upgrade”. That means some new (borrowed from other machines) components and stickers. Mostly stickers.

    *gazing with wet eyes at framed picture of Yamaha Communication Plaza*

    “This company used to be something….”

  • Cajun58

    1.)”Jesus Christ…” Are you praying for wisdom from our Lord and Savior?2.)”…availability to be Surrender Monkey-only” What does this mean? I tried praying on it but got nothing.