The eight words that will save the motorcycle industry $1 billion

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The MIC estimates that, by banning the sale of any lead-containing products to under 12s, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act could cost the powersports industy $1 billion in lost revenue annually. Now, two years later, a bill has finally been proposed in Congress to rectify that. How will the Kids Just Want To Ride Act do so? The simple addition of just eight words.

Here’s the full text of HR 412, the Kids Just Want To Ride Act:


So basically with the addition of, “Subsection (a) shall not apply to off-highway
vehicles” an entire industry is saved and kids will again be able to ride appropriately sized off-road machines, thereby making them safer? Yep.

You can take action through the AMA.

  • RWerksman

    I would love to ride an ‘off-roach’ machine!

  • parkwood60

    yeah, and you have them adding one eight words.

    Action already taken on my part. But when you live in SoCal and you send a letter to your representatives about OHV recreation it usually gets recycled before any impressionable young staffers can See it. You wouldn’t want them to learn that there is such a magical place where you can cut loose, have fun, and ride/drive without traffic or cops while enjoying the splendor of nature. I make it a point to send letters to the more OHV friendly folks in Orange County, North San Diego County, and the Inland Empire of Riverside San Bernadino.

  • dan

    When does it get to a vote? It is crazy that the lead bill has already disrupted the industry so much. This law, along with the Great Recession has caused many Powersport company’s to radically change their business to make up the lost sales because of it. It will probably be a scramble back to selling and supporting the bikes and atvs once it is passed.


  • parkwood60

    I also find it ludicrous that this law managed to snag kids motorcyles and atvs, but not Powerwheels type electric ride-ons. Those are about 50% lead acid battery by weight.

  • Mike

    Hooray, I can watch my neighbor’s 5 yr old kid circle the (off-highway) block on their Honda 50′s & not have to contact state & federal authorities or feel guilt for not doing so.

    Unless they’re not wearing a helmet, in which case that sucker is going down.

  • noone1569

    About time. I’ve supported this from the beginning. I can’t imagine a world where I am not allowed to strap my five year old onto a PW50.