Throwing a motorcycle off a 15-story building

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Brought to you by the same geniuses who crashed a pickup into a telephone pole while Redneck Surfing, here a motorcycle is hurled from the top of a 15-story parking garage in Iowa. Yes, this was done illegally. Yes, the bike is probably stolen. No, there’s no apparent reason. No, dude bro doesn’t need to rev the engine like that while he makes a slow u-turn. This is why video cameras should be banned.

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  • dan

    This just makes me sad.

  • ike6116

    Wow they almost rocked that Pontiac

  • stephan

    it’s like watching people abuse an puppy

  • Michael

    yeah, looks like it was going for the car, wish the kid stayed on the bike

  • Dave H

    I wish that idiot had followed the bike off the roof. This is just incredibly wrong.

  • boxofbits

    If only his stupid trousers had got caught up on a footpeg…

    • Scott Pargett


    • Kyle

      Lol @ trousers.

      • boxofbits

        Pants better?

        • nick2ny

          pants == underwear

          • boxofbits

            Hence my use of the word ‘trousers’. Two nations separated by a common language and all that. Whatever, I wish I hadn’t seen this now. That rooftop retards rally has given me a bad night’s sleep.

  • vonsonntag

    The rise and fall of the american empire (or something like that, I guess…)

  • Michael

    If my car was parked out on that block……. The video would have 20 more minutes on it for sure.

  • nick2ny

    How would you feel if you were a Suzuki engineer who worked for ages on that bike? It’s criminal. These guys may or may not be idiots, but they sure are losers.

    • mugget

      I guess it’s the same thing as those kids that go and buy one of the first iPhones or iPad and then take it outside the store and smash it up.

      What the hell? Some bored kids with nothing better to do…

  • Scott Pargett

    If such thing as a video dictionary existed, this would be my submission for Squid n. adj, under Motorcycle n.

  • David

    Videos like this always remind me of the apes and the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Primitive beings banging away at bones on the ground. Shrieking in awe.

    Also remind me of the Geico commercials.

    “We had no idea you guys were still around.”

  • slowestGSXRever

    Save the gixxers.

  • Frosty_spl

    I had hair like that guy back in 98. SIICCKK BRO!

    • ike6116

      I think you nailed it. The only thing this video is missing is some sweet Limp Bizkit in the background.

  • Brammofan

    1. Surprised that Iowa has a 15 story anything.
    2. Not surprised that so many people outside (and some inside) our borders hates America. They probably think we do this sort of thing all day long.
    3. If there is a thing such as Karma, I hope it’s a bitch.

  • willmeyer

    No kids, you don’t need to do stupid/dangerous stuff on your bikes and ruin the image/insurance/reputation for the rest of us just to get a video out there, no one will re-post it. Oh, wait.

  • Michael

    that tattooed idiot without a shirt on is my favorite character from central casting

  • ktaisa

    the bad in badkids probably stands for “badass” – (/sarcasm)


  • CafeDucati

    “This is why video cameras should be banned.”

    Rather, this is why some people should be required a license to reproduce.

  • JaHo

    a little bit of me died when I saw that.


    Poor bike never even stood a chance.

  • Emmet

    What, were they too stupid to part it out on eBay like any other bike thief?

  • markbvt

    Christ, what a bunch of fucking idiots.

    I wonder if they intended to hit one of those cars parked there, or gave any thought to what would happen if they did and it belonged to some poor schmuck hoping to be able to go home from work that evening.

  • Myles

    Remember last week during the Ural post when everyone was like “WAIT – it’s not cool to be on two anymore?!”?

    It’s not, and this is why. This is what the general public thinks about riders (well, half of them. They think of the other half as pirates) and they aren’t that far off. Not that many cool people ride anymore.

    The weirdest part is that sports car culture is still alive for the most part, GSX-R750 is literally as fast or faster than nearly every ferrari-ghini ever produced, and these assholes threw it off a building. Wes, you need to figure this out (talk to the Jalopnik community?).

    • Wes Siler

      I think you just did figure it out? I think the only solution is to make fried calimari.

      • Myles

        No way, these are the same guys that have iPhones – but iPhones are cool. You don’t make things cool buy keeping them away from not cool people – you make things cool by keeping them in the hands of cool people.

        I think the best thing to do is show people how easy it can be to ride. I signed up for my 3 day class on a Tuesday, went fri/sat/sun, and picked my bike up the following Tuesday. I didn’t have to be part of a secret club or hang out with idiots or have a dad who rode. I didn’t have to be one of the lucky kids who rode in the dirt since age 5. I just needed to sign up for a class and start riding.

        It’s also far more cost effective to buy a hatchback and a bike than an evo/sti/mustang/Z. Hell, it can be cheaper to buy a base mazda3 and an sv650 than a mazdaspeed3. Much faster, also.

        Full feature with your old boys at Jalopnik? Title, “Why the Motorcycle is superior to the Automobile in every way”. Acceleration? Steering feel? “Being connected to the road”? “Lightness”? All the assholes who don’t dare throw a leg over quote this stuff like it’s their Religion. Show them that instead of jerking off to the ghost of Colin Chapman they can go fuck that sweet sweet two-wheeled poon in a few easy steps.

      • ike6116

        You should try to talk to all the cool Celebrities who ride you can find. Hugh Laurie is more McQueen than Hasslehoff, he rides a Triumph.

        • Ilya

          Won’t work. His audience is mostly schoolgirls.

          • Myles

            Billy Bob Thorton rides (used to ride?) Katoomshakalaka.

            I don’t think men (in general) try to emulate celebrities as much as women so the celebrity doesn’t matter as much.

  • Pat

    I would have loved to see everyone of those morons pictured take a flying leap and splatter all over the pavement. Now that would be FUNNY!

    • nick2ny

      I dunno. I never root for people to get hurt.

      • Ian

        I agree. If one of those punks landed on a car, the owner would feel pretty hurt.

  • bjorn

    Saw a couple of their “trailers”, pretty sad go at the whole jackass genre…I guess Meth is pretty cheap in Iowa…

  • T Diver

    I quit smoking cigarettes today. I can’t determine if I want to punch those dudes because of quitting or because they are total dousch bags. I’m confused. I should have stayed in bed today.

  • Mark

    In a better world, those #uC&$ would have owned the narrowly-missed parked cars. In a perfect world the white-trash @$$#0L3 wrangling the bike would have hung on just a bit too long.

    Is there an upside to this sort of thing? Not really. But come on, if you could take a time machine back to ancient Rome, wouldn’t you set the dial so that you’d see the fall? That’s the most interesting time for any empire, including this one.

  • Darren

    How long before the local PD starts rounding up these kids and arresting them? Seriously. And I don’t mean for the incredibly dangerous stunt they pulled, or the fact that it could have killed someone, and probably damaged thousands of dollars in private property.

    That guy with no shirt just needs to be arrested on principle…

    • Rudyard Crippling

      Not only that, but why after committing an obviously criminal act would you mug it up for the camera and then post it on the internet? That’s like painting “Catch Me” on your ass.

  • Trev

    Someone was a few feet away from getting an awesome payout.

  • Chris

    This is why the legal abortion age should be raised to 30

    • Lawrence

      I’d have to agree.

  • Deltablues

    I have watched this over and over and am not amazed at the buffoonery on display so much as I am by the fact that at walking speed they got the GSXR to fly that far from the building. The video looks legit like MC Hammer. That one guy did have some sweet knee-high socks on though. This video reminds me of the movie “Cool as Ice”.

  • carter

    Why post this trash? It’s patently unworthy.

  • david folch

    I wish they’d do that with Harleys…

  • Ari

    this is giving them too much publication…

  • Archer

    And people blame the Nazis for forced sterilization…

  • BMW11GS

    At least is seems 100% of hellforleather readers are incensed by this action. It’s hard to be a respectable young person anymore, but hfl gives me the hope that there is still a committed few.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Can you imagine the pain and anguish when the owner of the stolen bike gets the call from the authorities?

    We’ve found your bike…
    Hope. Elation.
    It’s been thrown off a 15 Story building…
    Pain. Sorrow. Suicidal considerations.

    • stempere

      I pretty much can.

      This is what was left of my first bike, found 2 years after beeing stollen.
      The phone call was an elusive “we found your bike”.
      The best part? I had to pay $990 to get it back, obviously prior to seeing it, still hoping at that point the bike could be in pretty decent state (i was thinking about throwing in a couple hundreds to make it a track bike).

      That’s a sad thing to go through.

      • Richard

        Youre shitting me, you had to fork over the impound cash (assuming thats what the 990 was for) beforeseeing the condition of the bike? Fucking criminal if you ask me.

  • Filip

    Yes, they are idiots and we cant do anything about it. But what we could do, is to ask editors of HFL why they encourage such stupid ideas by publishing it… As publicity is exactly what those idiots were looking for – HFL, “thanks” for supporting them.

  • holdingfast

    geez, retardation central on that rooftop there..

  • Andy Keech

    i was thinking about this today, not specifically bikes, but anything; why kids would want to just smash things that other people value.

    but really, it’s the most beautiful sublimation of that quintessential element of our late-modern identities–as consumers.
    when referred to in general terms, we are all, deep down at the root of ourselves, properly functioning in society when we use things up and throw them away. behavior like this is only a natural extension as it’s more conspicuous, and certainly more consumptive.

    it’s this act, this display that we are awed by in all sorts of more organized competition (motorsport or otherwise). we spurn this only because this act was one which required very little effort, imagination, or skill.

    i appreciate your provision of material for meditating on our perverse existence Wes.

  • Brammofan

    I wonder why no one thought to check out why a group of albino gorillas was building a structure on top of a parking garage — most likely on a Sunday morning. I suppose the ramp could have been mostly pre-fab, but then I’d have to admit that the group had some planning skills and the ability to use tools, in addition to the photographic evidence of their opposable thumbs. Perhaps we are looking at our soon-to-be simian overlords.

  • 2ndderivative

    They didn’t even have the decency to have a high-speed camera running near the predicted point of impact.

  • Mike

    Phone number … check.
    Facebook accounts …check.
    Domain name … check.
    Visit from Iowa law enforcement?

    • Richard