Video: Le Touquet Enduropale 2011

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Every February, around 1,000 bikes and 500 quads gather to race on a channel beach in Northern France. The 11-mile course is modified with whoops, jumps and chicanes shoveled out of sand, making it unique among endurance events. It’s something of an oddball event, frequently attracting frankenstein machines converted from superbike to enduro in someone’s le garage using le tall suspension and le knobby tires. Here, the 2011 race has been captured in high def, slow motion glory.

Thanks for the tip, Banovsky.

  • Johndo

    wow.great images!

  • Pete

    I would love to see some examples of the referenced frankenbikes. Got any links?

  • Case

    I laughed at ‘le tall suspension’ and ‘le knobby tires’. It’s funny because it’s true.

  • T Diver

    It’s like the movie 300. It looks cool.

    • Scott-jay

      It’s like the movie “On Any Sunday”, too.
      Slow motion re-invents dirt riding video.

  • dux

    Tres chic!

  • holdingfast

    wow le slick look!
    + a chopper (the flying kind) mixed in anywhere: extra cool points!