Video: Rossi looks back on Yamaha

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Two important people left Yamaha’s MotoGP team last year. Valentino Rossi, who left for Ducati, you know about. Masao Furusawa you likely don’t, but as Yamaha’s Executive Officer of Engineering, he was largely responsible for turning the M1 into a Championship capable machine. In fact, he was called “The Godfather of the M1.” Here, Furusawa chats with Rossi about their time on the team.

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  • Scott-jay

    Rossi is only sports figure I “fan” over.
    Good stuff, thanks.

  • damien

    very cool.

  • Archer

    I am in awe. In awe of Yamaha’s corporate culture, that can spin this situation into something that makes you feel very positive toward the company.

  • michael uhlarik

    “I am happy to you for the Yamaha…” After more than ten years, I am still amazed at the level at which Yamaha staff can butcher the English language.