2012 Triumph Street Triple leaks with slanty headlights

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This leaked parts diagram reveals that the 2012 Triumph Street Triple will be adopting the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple’s controversial slanty headlights. MCN, which uncovered the document, suggests the facelifted model will be officially unveiled next week, but won’t feature significant mechanical upgrades. It doesn’t really need to, making 105bhp and weight 419lbs (wet) it’s already lighter, more powerful and better handling than anything else at its $8,899 price and in its naked middleweight class.

The reaction to the new 1050cc Speed Triple’s oh-my-god-not-round headlights from you impossibly conservative motorcyclists was predictably scandalized. One frightened biker cried, “How dare they change the design of a bike that’s been around for five whole years?!” “Change makes me cry,” screamed another. “Why isn’t it still 1971?! Why?!” bawled another. I just made those up, but you get the idea.

But, when we ran this a photoshopped image of the Speed’s new headlight on the 675cc Street, the reaction from you guys was universally positive, with most HFL commenters postulating about the ways in which they would make bizarre mechosexual love to a machine so-equipped.

It seems logical that the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R, which differs only in suspension and brake spec, will also adopt the new headlights. Don’t worry, it comes with dual exhaust pipes so you guys’ll be able to share. Please don’t send us pictures of you doing so.


  • BN.

    I hated the new Speed Triple headlights so much I went out and bought one.

    • robotribe

      Awesome. As a 2009 ST3 owner who likes my round lamps just fine, I welcome the oval-eyed next gen. It’s all good, kids.

  • mcfaite

    I have an old Speed Triple (’97), and I like the round headlights. I saw the new Speed Triple at the show, and I liked the new headlights, too.

    I need to work on being more opinionated, I guess. People get really worked up about this stuff…

  • Glenngineer

    I’d buy that photoshop. I’d love a Street Triple.

  • Ben

    I have a street trip now, and would consider swapping to the new lights. I think they’re pretty well done.

  • aristurtle

    It’s not like round headlights are hard to find. If you really need a pair of twin round lights on your bike, there’s plenty of places on this wide Internet where you can get some and the appropriate mounting hardware.

  • Todd

    As long as the little bikini fairing is in place, I’m fine with the new headlight; likewise on the Speed Triple. For that matter, I much preferred the little fairing be in place with the round headlights as well.

  • Michael

    was going to go get a street triple r soon, now i guess i should wait, i like the headlights.

    any info on when this is coming out? end of the year?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      MCN says it’ll be out next week. God know when it’ll reach the states. With no mechanical changes expected, why wait? Use this news to negotiate a good deal.

      • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

        ^ This

        Leverage is your friend. Although, with the way the industry is, ANY dealership is going to bend over backwards for somebody buying a new bike.

        • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com motoguru

          We’ve got one Street left… Come and get it!

      • Myles

        Wait, current stock is only going to get cheaper with a redesign.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/1962_cb77_restore/ Scott Pargett

      I was able to get mine for $400 above what the dealer paid with no crate frees or anything back in November. That’s just based on simple no bullshit negotiating in today’s MC market.

      To be fair I promised to buy any accessories through that dealership.

    • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com motoguru

      I’m looking at a slanty eyed Speed Triple right now, and the headlights mount the same way as the old ones. Buy the R now, and swap out the headlights with someone who buys a new Speed and hates the lights.

  • Cheese302

    actually if there are no real mechanical changes, you could just wait and try to buy the new headlights after it is out. i like the color scheme of the p-chop, would be nice to have that as an option. next month i am planning to buy a 2011 black/gold striple.

    • http://www.jeepsunlimited.com LoTGoD

      Folks are already buying the new Speed Triple headlights and fitting them to their older Speedies. To each their own…I’ll keep my round eyes thanks.

  • slowtire

    Makes me ‘mechosexually’ horny.

  • Yann