Adam Carolla on Harley riders

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“If you were really into biking you’d get a rice rocket and go carve up a canyon.” You know what gets Adam Carolla’s goat? Harley riders. This outtake from Adam’s podcast is an oldie, but a relevant one. This is the image Harley must overcome as it tries to recover from the Great Recession and reach customers in a new demographic. Think of this as sort of the angry radio host version of the South Park Fags episode.

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  • Frosty_spl

    Slow clap.

    • ike6116


      • jp182


  • slowestGSXRever

    I never understood blipping the throttle at stop lights.

    • Glenngineer

      Cmon, I do it with my stock exhaust DL1K. Sounds…japanese, but I like to hear it.

      But, it doesn’t wake anyone up.

    • Scott-jay

      Blipping the throttle just plain feel goods, a natural act. Sorta like picking the nose?

    • Emmet

      My oil pressure gauge reads zero after warmup, I sometimes blip the throttle to make sure it’s still reading anything besides 0

    • jpenney

      I’m guilty of this, too.

      My friend and I do make a point to rev a LOT when we’re behind a pirate. We laugh because you can’t here either of our bikes.

    • Bitgeist Racing

      Blipping your throttle when not downshifting a bike without a slipper clutch is the motorcycling equivalent of the douchbag walking around with an albino boa wrapped around his neck so that people notice him. Period.

    • Chuck

      I used to have a 70s Honda that wouldn’t take a charge bellow 3000 rpm so I would keep it idling high at stop lights when I knew the battery was on it’s last leg. I always felt like an idiot.

      Luckily I solved the problem by getting a Ducati that conveniently just stops running whenever I get to a stop light. Progress.

    • ike6116

      I do it because my bike takes 8 years roughly to warm up and I can never wait that long so it’s usually that or stall out. I feel guilty as fuck when I do it.

      • aristurtle

        Have you tried using the choke?

        Of course, then rather than blipping at a light you end up idling at 3-4K the whole time.

  • Philip

    OK. We get it.

  • Kirill

    Hilarious. I love Adam.

  • ontheroad

    Great stuff.

  • Devin


    Someone needs to educate Adam about the difference between rice rocket and crotch rocket.

  • UrbanRider

    I find his voice more annoying than the loud pipes :)

    • Pat


    • DougD

      +1. He sounds like an understudy of Gilbert Gottfried’s. Just a little more practice ….

  • DoctorNine

    First, I want to see him launch a large displacement bike.
    Then, I’ll sit still for his whining voice. Maybe.
    I’ll keep my full face flat black helmet though.
    It’s easier to clean the bugs off.

  • Anthony Wayne

    haha……..I’m about to go “pop the revs out”.

  • Tony

    I think this really is a bigger problem than many people yet realize. Harley sells on image and almost EXLUSIVELY on image. What happens if that image becomes a negative? And I’m not just talking about South park and their ridiculing of the pirate lifestyle, but what happens when even the most hardcore pirates look at Keith Wandell and say: “Wait a minute. I like Harleys because I’m a rough, tough, individualist . . . but you’re the head of the company and you’re a complete wanker. . . Erik Buell is a lot more like the man I’d like the world to think I am . . . “

  • moto1337

    Straight pipes should be illegal. It irks me that I could be lumped together with loud-pipe pirates that bring a bad name to a good sport. I prefer to think of myself as a motorcyclist who is associated with positive social trends like good gas mileage and reduction of urban congestion. It’s one thing if your motorcycle is loud when you’re going fast – it makes sense for fast things to be loud – it’s another thing to be putting out 100 decibels when you’re dead stopped at a traffic light.

  • Skank NYCF

    This little whinning bitch should just walk up to a Angel or any of the big 4 and tell them what he thinks of them, their vest and their loud hogs instead of crying about it on some bullshit radio show. Point is: dont fuckin cry about it unless if you have the balls to address the issue face to face and probably get your head stomped in.

    • Zach

      Carolla’s podcast has tens of millions of subscribers. While the prospect of him confronting a 1%er seems unlikely, the one of him influencing public opinion enough to motivate some noise limit legislation seems plausible to me.

    • MotoRandom

      I’m pretty sure Adam and all of the other ladies shedding tears over loud pipes wouldn’t know the difference between a 1%er and HOG member. I’m also pretty sure after their 30 seconds of life scarring rumble, they will go home and think nothing of firing up their 2 stroke lawn mower and running that fucker for an hour while the whole neighborhood has to listen to it. 4 or 5 times a week, all summer long. Pot, Kettle, whatever.

      • Thomas

        I think he was bitching about the poseur white-collar “thugs” riding and trying to look like a 1%er. He’s a bit of a gear head himself. I’m sure he can tell the difference between the two types. One polishes his bike, the other rides it.

  • Isaac

    My stomach hurts! LMAO!!! I wish I could hi-jak a PA system at a Harley dealer and hook up my Zune HD with this video.

  • Peter88

    Good Lord! Most people riding Harleys are enjoying themselves, and not just Harleys. The Japanese big 4 and Victory should be included. Harley has a customer base that is extraordinarly loyal. Carolla (and South Park) are losers as Mr. Skank so aptly pointed out. Having said that. The basic premise of this article is correct. Harley (and Victory) need to expand their line-up. How about the Vrod motor in a frame similar to the Motus? How about the Victory 106 in a cafe racer frame similar to what Jesse James created with the Red Rocker?