Alpinestars does Malaysia

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So our friend Jamie Robinson is doing a series of videos for Alpinestars. First, he interviewed Jorge Lorenzo (in Malaysia), then, for this video, took off on a BMW R1200GS to explore the tropical forests, mountains and tea plantations outside Kuala Lumpur. The point is to promote products, but the result is a stunning portrayal of adventure touring in Asia.


  • NickP

    Really beautiful photography. Funny, to me it played out more like a BMW ad than Alpinestars.

    Speaking of Alpinestars, I’m picking up a new jacket and was looking at the Mert and the Drift. Anyone have a Drift and could tell me whether or not I’ll be cooked alive in it during the summer? Looks like the Mert has much more ventilation and less branding so I might go for that one.

    • Wes Siler

      That’s funny, Grant and I were just playing with a Mert at Astars HQ. Nice jacket.

      • NickP

        Thanks, I’ll try it out.

  • Glenngineer

    That was a great video. Well scored, and it really showed how fun a machine the GSA is. Big ass bike that turns and thumps around in the dirt like something much smaller.

  • Daniel

    Damn, now i wanna buy a bmw 1200 GS…thanks to this nice add!

  • Patrick

    Yeah, bike looks great. I’m still convinced the f800gs is a more versatile bike. What’s the benefit of the extra 400cc and the opposed twin vs the vertical twin??

    • Wes Siler

      Benefit’s not so much in the engine as it is in the total package. In Labrador, we found the 800 to have higher ground clearance and a lower weight, but the R1200GS could still go anywhere the 800 could, do it just as easily and was quite a bit better on the road. Thing’s simply a tank.

      • Ben

        ^ This. And the F800GS had quite a few design and reliability issues. Wheel bearings and engine gaskets are two off the top of my head. The 1200GS has been around since the dawn of time and is just that much more bulletproof.

  • Beale

    That was a nice palate cleanse after that horrible Motus video.

  • MG

    I have been noticing this new trend where advertisers are investing in incredibly well done short films. Watching this particular “ad” how can one not love motorcycling. Well done Alpinestars – so what were you selling ;)?

  • dirtridingBil

    Nice ad for BMW (this is an Astar ad?) and beautiful shots of my country.

  • pinkyracer

    GORGEOUS!!! I was watching the other Jamie Robinson videos all “pfft. been there, done that. why isn’t a company like A-stars paying me to be there (Jerez, Indy)?” But Malaysia is my big dream for 2011. And I had no idea the roads were so good. Now I’ll have to scare up a bike as well…

    Also, A-star would’ve done better if they didn’t show them wearing plastic ponchos. There’s tons of waterproof gear out there, I’m sure they even make some. This would’ve been a great opportunity- show them riding in the rain, then they take off their jackets in a cafe and their t-shirts are bone-dry. Yet someone else is getting paid to do their marketing. sigh.