Attention Rossi nerds

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Already have Rossi underwear, Rossi shorts, Rossi shirts, a Rossi helmet, Rossi Leathers, Rossi boots and a Rossi fanny pack? Then we’ve got the bike for you! These sets of replacement bodywork for the Ducati Monster 696 and 1100 (also available in Kentucky Kid flavor) could be the product that will finally endow you with one iota of The Doctor’s riding ability. Or they could just make you look like a hopeless loser. Your call.

  • Cajun58

    If you are kidding about the underpants I will be sooooo pissed.

  • Kyle

    Well at least it looks considerably better than the shirts and hat. I like the plain red with the yellow 46

  • gregorbean

    Is the yellow by the seat, tank, and headlight different than the yellow in the 46? It looks slightly more neon…

    • Wes Siler

      Day Glo green/yellow/whatever it is is really hard to photograph.

  • adeysworld

    Most guys riding ducati monsters thru the city already look like hopeless losers with their 3 inch chicken strips. This new paint scheme only add insult to injury.

    Sorry to the 2-3 Ducati Monster riders who do the business on their bikes. You’re a rare breed.

    • Archer

      I used to ride with a couple guys on Monsters who would wear you out on any track or canyon road unless you have a double-digit plate on the front of your bike. Be careful how wide you paint with that brush…

  • Steve

    I’m going to the Texas Tornado bootcamp in a couple of weeks. The lodging is communal. Would it be gay or weird if I showed in Colin Edwards underpants? ;-)