Beaten by Bull Dock

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Bull Dock’s Shacho (boss) is a champion arm wrestler for the entire Tochigi prefecture. Now all four of us there decided to have a go at beating him, but none of us even came close. Under the neat looking Bull Dock worker coveralls is one seriously strong guy. Challenge him, we dare you.

Bull Dock is the premier Kawasaki tuner in Japan, specializing in turning old Zs into $100,000 exotics. This is what happened when AFG Moto and Hoon Media paid them a visit.

Most places with millions of dollars of equipment, exotics everywhere, more carbon fiber than an F1 race and expensive bolt-on goodies are just exciting because of what they have in there. Bull Dock is different. From the moment we arrived there we were in love. The building apparently used to be a clothing shop or something similar, it has a great looking front with nice big glass windows and cool lighting (at night). As we entered the show room past a lineup of previously built bikes out the front we were greeted by a more bikes up on platforms or neatly displayed. Along with the usual t-shirts and merchandise you can pick up at popular workshops Bull Dock also proudly display Ohlins suspension, Marchesini wheels and all manner of other expensive parts. It’s here that you realise these guys don’t mess around. Serious parts, serious bikes.

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Now for the awesome part though, where it all happens, the workshop.

To the left as you walk in there’s a machining area for anything machining related be it chassis components, engine parts or whatever, then to the right is the engine assembly and installation area. Pristine blocks sit waiting to be filled with high compression Wiseco pistons, balanced bottom ends and beautifully ported and polished heads. Each engine is detailed perfectly be it painted or polished before installation and more often than not is graced with a set of superb sounding Keihin flat slide carburettors. One MASSIVE stand-out in this area was the huge Snap-On tool box. We were very envious.

Around the corner behind the tool box is a dyno. Everything built there is tuned and tested there. All of Bull Dock’s bikes ride as good as they look, if not better. We were lucky enough to ride a $100,000 Kawasaki and man did he say it had some power.

At the back of the workshop to the left sits a fully removable spray painting booth, this is perfect what Bull Dock do and should they ever need to move it, it looks like a simple task. On the other side at the back is a chassis assembly area, at the time we did encounter a random Suzuki Katana, which managed to sneak it’s way into a heavily Kawasaki dominated workshop.

In the middle of the workshop there were also a large amount of bikes in waiting. Yes, waiting. Bull Dock are so popular in Japan that people will pay them and basically put their bike in a holding area there until they are able to work on it.

To the rear of the workshop there’s a chassis and fabrication area. Probably my favorite part of the place, here they modify and strengthen the original frames in a dedicated jig and do any other fabrication required. As with the rest of Bull Dock’s workshop it is kept spotless and every tool is perfectly maintained.

  • Glenngineer

    I’ve never been able to keep a workshop that clean…awesome.

    • Mark D

      Seriously, that shop is cleaner than my kitchen. By a fair margin, actually…

      Thanks for the Kawasaki pr0n on a Monday morning!

    • robotribe

      Typical Japanese; and I mean that in a good way.

  • adeysworld

    He really disrespected the bike with that god awful jacket/helmet…

    • michael.engle

      I’d wear it if that were the ticket to riding that bike!

    • Mark

      lol, limited edition Icon jacket and Variant helmet. Or would you prefer a skid lid and leather chaps?

      • michael.engle

        Whatever it takes. :)

  • Steve

    That is what a shop is supposed to look like. Reminds me of an F1 paddock. Beautiful.

  • Skank NYCF

    Sweet shop.

  • muckluck

    That picture of the engine lathe with the chuck in the headstock would have gotten me in big trouble in shop class!

    • Glenngineer

      Holy shit, I didn’t even see that. I spun up a lathe with the chuck in place as a freshman engineering student…Chuck hit the ceiling and I nearly shit my pants.

  • gregorbean

    I don’t know about this whole $100,000 for a bike thing, but damn those bikes and that shop are nice…

  • UrbanRider

    Really enjoyed the piece!

  • Brammofan

    Jason must have written this a few days ago. He’s kind of busy these days helping Japan get back on its feet. Regardless, he’s a great new HFL contributor.

  • Mark

    He had help ;)